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Who is Danny Crossman, the Dolphins’ special teams coordinator under Brian Flores?

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Miami Dolphins coach Brian Flores has hired Danny Crossman as his special teams coordinator. Here’s what you need to know about Crossman:

Age: 52.

Years coaching in NFL: 16.

Previous stops (and titles): Buffalo Bills (Special teams coordinator, 2013-2018), Detroit Lions (special teams coordinator, 2010-2012), Carolina Panthers (special teams coordinator, 2007-2009; special teams coach, 2005-2006; special teams assistant, 2003-2004).

Quick thoughts: Crossman is an El Paso, Texas, native and University of Pittsburgh graduate who has been involved in special teams at just about every coaching stop of his 26 year coaching career — the last 16 of which have been in the NFL. At his most recent stop, the Bills ranked in the top-10 in field goal percentage in three of his six years (2017, 2014, 2013) but also finished in the bottom 10 twice (26th in 2018 and 30th in 2016). The Bills finished in the bottom half of the league in average punting every year except for 2015 and 2016.

From Flores: “Danny and I worked under Scott O’Brien and there is a lot of familiarity from technique, fundamentals and a vernacular standpoint. Danny is full of energy and extremely good with the fundamentals. I am excited to have him.”

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