As immigrant Americans we should be alarmed that trump sides with dictators

Everywhere you turn in Miami, you’ll hear a familiar and inspiring story — entrepreneurs, community leaders, artists and others who fled political instability in their country of origin to seek and achieve the American Dream. Countless families have firsthand or a few generations removed accounts of “losing everything” due to political failures beyond their control. It is what drew me to live in Miami many years ago — I loved walking by the manicured lawns of graceful homes in Coral Gables adorned with signs of familiar Latin American surnames.

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We have a stadium

I hope everyone realizes that Miami already has a modern, large, conveniently located, fully air-conditioned sports stadium that’s ready for soccer — Marlins Park! We hosted pro soccer there in 2013. Look it up!

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Trump takes a knee

Did the man who cited NFL players as being unpatriotic for taking a knee to bring attention to social injustice take a knee in Helsinki himself?

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Russian nuke

I cried when I saw the utter satisfaction on the face of former KGB/current dictator Putin as he stood next to the weakest, most cowardly American president in history, who he so easily manipulated into betraying the American people — publicly, in front of the entire world!

Leonard Pitts on President Trump

Christian leaders are breaking faith, political leaders are sacrificing moral authority, average people are doing violence to decency and logic.