Students need to learn about Helen Keller. Keep her in the curriculum

Last week, the Texas Board of Education took a step to remove Keller from the state’s social studies curriculum. The board preliminarily voted to update the K-12 curriculum by eliminating several historical figures, including Keller. Proponents said dropping the Keller lesson would save teachers 40 minutes. The board will make a final decision in November.

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Miami Beach government

It’s not every day that residents can change the fundamental structure of their government. On Nov. 6, Miami Beach voters will have the opportunity to create a new city officer — an Inspector General.

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Leonard Pitts on Kavanaugh

Leonard Pitts’ Sept. 19 opinion, “Kavanaugh case shows how America accepts men’s predations against women,” is laughable. Pitts has already tried and convicted Kavanaugh in the media court. We still have the concept of innocent until proven guilty in this country, no matter who is running it.

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FIU likely to get early-voting site - that’s good news

here is no official statement from Miami-DadeCounty confirming the reversal, but elections employees visited the university’s Modesto Maidiquecampus in southwest Miami-Dadelast week looking for appropriate sites to set up a voting area — a big hint that the voting machines are coming to campus.

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Students attacked

The tragic story of the horrible attack on two MAST high school students reported in the Sept. 12 Miami Herald described the attacker as “a 16-18 year old black male wearing basketball shorts.”

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FIU in top 100

Florida has much to celebrate this week, with several of our universities ranked among the best in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. In South Florida, we have seen the steady rise of our own Florida International University to the top 100 public universities in the country. FIU is changing lives, fostering entrepreneurship and uplifting our community.

Trump getting reelected

Leonard Pitts on the possibility of Donald Trump being re-elected.