Letters to the Editor

EMS is so much more than lights and sirens

When I first became an emergency medical technician (EMT), I thought being on an ambulance would be constant excitement: driving with lights and sirens to rescue injured victims of traffic crashes, delivering babies, taking people with heart attacks quickly to the hospital.

Speak Up

Yes to the mega mall

I have lived in Miami for a number of decades and every time some good business person or group wants to do something to improve our economy, we get all the downers out.

Speak Up

Why Nikolas Cruz killed

Months after the Miami Herald printed my Feb. 26 letter responding to another about mental health issues being the underlying cause of mass shootings, the Herald published a half page opinion piece that places the blame right where it belongs — on students who bully, berate, ostracize and make fun of fellow students until one of them decides they can’t take it anymore.

Leonard Pitts on President Trump

Christian leaders are breaking faith, political leaders are sacrificing moral authority, average people are doing violence to decency and logic.
Justin Azpiazu / jazpiazu@miamiherald.com