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Notre Dame fire

I am neither French nor Catholic, yet I mourn the tragic loss of this magnificent structure and symbol. It will be rebuilt, of course, when all the theories have been expounded and all the fingers have been pointed. My sympathies are with the French people.

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Slesnick proud to run for Gables mayor

I entered the Coral Gables election for mayor the last day of qualifying to offer residents a choice, and I am proud to have done so. I appreciate all those who took the time, in inclement weather, to head to the polls and exercise their right to vote April 9. Coral Gables is at an important crossroads in its future development as a modern city.

Hillary Clinton takes on Trump administration, rebukes Spicer during California speech

Hillary Clinton took on the Trump administration in one of her first public speeches since the election. Clinton faulted the administration for its abandoned health care policy and lack of female representation in top jobs. She also rebuked White