Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

EMS is so much more than lights and sirens

When I first became an emergency medical technician (EMT), I thought being on an ambulance would be constant excitement: driving with lights and sirens to rescue injured victims of traffic crashes, delivering babies, taking people with heart attacks quickly to the hospital.

Letters to the Editor

Make fossil-fuel companies pay

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber, exercising smart leadership, helped bring an expert panel to assess the city’s climate resilience projects. Visiting scientists and practitioners complimented the city on efforts to combat the effects of sea-level rise and made a series of recommendations, as well, to include sea walls, increase green spaces and conduct more-stringent water testing.

Letters to the Editor

Growth and traffic ruining Miami-Dade

I have lived in Miami for 37 years, more than half my life. I have loved this city unequivocally for so many of those years. We were lucky to have bought a home when real estate was inexpensive. The wildlife is not just our entertainment but our direct connection to nature in a place that is increasingly becoming an urban landscape.

Letters to the Editor

Miami should renew sailing center’s lease

I support renewal of the City of Miami’s lease of the U.S. Sailing Center in David T. Kennedy Park. The center is the result of a 1985 tripartite agreement between the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), the City of Miami, and the United States Sailing Center, a nonprofit comprised of a local volunteer management team.

Letters to the Editor

Neither party has monopoly on truth

Conservatives give Trump a pass on his undemocratic words and actions. They overlook his attacks on immigrants, the media and our nation’s laws, as long as he is achieving his agenda of tax cuts, improving the economy, increasing jobs and improved wages.


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Naked man shot by Virginia officer in fatal encounter

The Richmond Police Department released body-cam footage showing the moment when an erratic naked man lunged at an officer who responded by fatally shooting the suspect. The officer initially tries tasing the man but is unable to subdue the suspect.
Richmond Police Department