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Police responded after a small plane made an emergency landing on the sands of Miami Beach on Tuesday.

Small plane lands on sand in Miami Beach

- The Miami Herald , Jul 29
The Miami Herald

A small plane has made an emergency landing on the sand at 57th Street in Miami Beach, according to police.

Miami Beach

A branch of O Cinema may be coming to North Beach

- The Miami Herald , Jul 28
The Miami Herald

Miami Beach may get an independent cinema for art and foreign films.

Beach Buzz

Healing process is a long and winding road

- The Miami Herald , Jul 27
The Miami Herald

It has been over seven months since the death of my boyfriend, criminal attorney Richard Sharpstein. While in many ways I have made progres... s, at other times I feel as sad and lonely as the day he passed away. Yes, the pain is a bit duller; but the reality of his loss is always with me, especially late at night.

Bay Harbor Islands

Bay Harbor Islands to keep tax rate the same

- The Miami Herald , Jul 25
The Miami Herald

Bay Harbor Islands council members have proposed a $19,935,362 budget for the next fiscal year, a 15.7 percent increase from this year.

Miami Beach

16-year-old from Miami Beach wins prestigious Chess Master title

- The Miami Herald , Jul 26
The Miami Herald

Rachel Gologorsky has traveled the world, taking on opponents in a mental war.

North Miami Beach

N. Miami Beach looks at increased transparency on use of contingency funds

- The Miami Herald , Jul 24
The Miami Herald

There may be more transparency into how North Miami Beach council members spend their contingency funds for work-related travel, if recommen... dations by the new city attorney are enacted.

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