Things To Do

The ultimate bucket list: Everything you have to do in (almost) every Miami neighborhood

Whether you live here or are just visiting, we want you to have a good time in Miami.

Yes, we know sometimes having a good time can be difficult due to rain, flooding, gridlock, bad drivers, $18 cocktails and the general fury that comes with living in or near Miami. That is why we are offering to help you with our expansive, extremely useful bucket lists.

These lists are where you will find the absolutely essential things to do and see. This way you can safely plan what to do before Miami drives you to abandon your dreams and hopes for humanity, leaving you to hide quivering and weeping in your closet for all eternity.

So get busy. Here’s where to go and what to do.



The clock is ticking on this downtown hot spot. Spend some time there before the whole place turns into Condoworld.

Wynwood bucket list

Coral Gables


Great food, great entertainment - or you can drive around wishing you lived in a mansion.

Coral Gables bucket list

Coconut Grove


The Grove has been bringing the fun since the 1960s, when Monty’s opened.

Coconut Grove bucket list

South Beach


Sometimes, crossing the causeway is worthwhile.

South Beach bucket list



It’s one of the best places in Miami to shop for all your appeasing-the-saints needs. Plus: the best Flanigan’s.

Hialeah bucket list

Little Haiti


Things are changing swiftly in this neighborhood, so enjoy events like the family-friendly Sounds of Little Haiti before the konpa is silenced forever.

Little Haiti bucket list



How can you not want to visit this romantic village - we mean, census designated area - and pledge your devotion at the Love Locks bridge at a strip mall?

Kendall bucket list

South Miami-Dade


If you haven’t been to Coral Castle yet, allow us to change your life.

South Dade bucket list



The mall is the center of the Aventura universe.

Aventura bucket list



If you haven’t hit the best of Westchester - like Bird Bowl - you aren’t living.

Westchester bucket list

The Everglades


See gators, birds and more gators.

Everglades bucket list



Don’t hate our cousin to the north. There are lots of fun things to see in Broward. Like the Winterfest Boat Parade and strip malls. No offense, Kendall.

Broward bucket list