Things To Do

Here’s your Wynwood bucket list. Do these things before the whole place becomes condos

Better go now, before it’s too late.
Better go now, before it’s too late.

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that Wynwood has been changing, and by changing we mean swiftly turning into a super lame shell of its former self.

Oh, sure, there are still good bars and great restaurants and cool murals on the walls. But let’s face it. We’ve seen at least one Horseman of the Apocalypse riding down Northwest Second Avenue. The end is nigh. It’s only a matter of time before someone turns Wood Tavern into a Fresh Market and replaces atomik’s oranges with the Target logo.

Wynwood Yard, gone. O Cinema, gone. Punch Bowl Social, a chain that is basically Dave & Busters for hipsters, is opening soon. The Rubell Collection is moving, and craft brewery Boxelder and the Chinese restaurant Palmar, named one of the top 50 restaurants in America, are leaving in the near future to make way for co-living spaces. We’re not sure what co-living spaces are, but we suspect they involve small rooms, thin walls and having to hear your hot neighbors engage in amorous adventures you will never, ever be a part of.

But before it all goes the way of Lincoln Road, there are a few things you need to do in this hipster heaven. So here’s your Wynwood bucket list. Better get busy. Fast.

Start your day with an egg sandwich at Laid Fresh


Do not underestimate how good these sandwiches are.

See Wynwood Walls

20190417_125902 (1).jpg

It’s hard to imagine Wynwood without its walls, but this is Miami. We tore down the Orange Bowl. So get out there, look at some murals and pose in front of them like a boss.

Eat bread at Zak the Baker


We don’t want to hear about your stupid keto diet. Eat the damned bread.

Drink beer at J. Wakefield

WakeFest 2018

The last of the original independent breweries in Wynwood boasts a Star Wars theme and great craft beer. Try The Berliner or one of the delicious stouts.

Splurge on dinner at Palmar, Alter and/or Kyu

Brad Kilgore’s Alter in Wynwood.

Only one is leaving - for now - but why take chances? Do you want to live a life of regret? No. Go.

Brunch at Beaker & Gray

VFF00 Veggies News rk.JPG
Roberto Koltun

Order our favorite drink, The Halliwell. It’s the perfect antidote to a hot day.

Take a photo of an ice cream cone at 1 800 Lucky


You can also eat some good Asian food here (we recommend Cake Thai’s drunken noodles, B-side sushi and the crazy good ramen at Haysato Miami). But the photogenic ice cream at Taiyaki is a must for all your social media needs.

Sip coffee at Panther

Roberto Koltun

Yes, we know there’s another one in Coconut Grove, but this is the OG.

Scare yourself at Paranoia Horror Maze


It’s legit so scary you need a safe word.

Be an Instagram star at the Unicorn Factory


Indulge your wildest unicorn fantasies at this selfie palace. OK, wait, maybe not the wildest, you perv.