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Westchester bucket list: Do these things in Westchester before you die (or your abuela moves)

You can burn so many calories in Westchester.
You can burn so many calories in Westchester. FOR THE MIAMI HERALD

Everybody needs to go to Westchester. Because Westchester is all about Miami realness.

Anybody can post a selfie from Wynwood or Brickell or South Beach and act like they have discovered the true Miami.

But those with the 305 in their blood know the truth. There’s nothing fancy or snobby here. Just good food, good beer, good bowling and that murderous hill at Tropical Park. Also the best Christmas theme park in all of South Florida, which opens on Halloween because that’s how Westchester rolls.

So next time you visit your grandma or your cousin or whoever it is you know in Westchester, be sure to visit the destinations on this bucket list. And know you are not a fake.

Order dim sum at Tropical Chinese


When it comes to dim sum carts in the 305, Tropical Chinese is the OG.

7991 SW 40th St., Miami

Stand in line at Dos Croquetas


This croqueta bar, with the help of MIA Brewing Company, created the Dame Dos Ale, a beer perfectly designed to pair with its croquetas. See for yourself which croqueta is the perfect match (we’re voting Mexican corn or the buffalo chicken).

10505 SW 40th St., Miami

Get your game on at Bird Bowl

NW book bowls CLO 0929 Lanes DB.JPG

Sure, you could act all fancy and bowl in the basement of a South Beach hotel. But Bird Bowl is the bowling alley of the people.

9275 SW 40th St., Miami

Find treasure at the giant Goodwill store on Bird


You do need that black Italian lacquered dining room table, and you will find it here. We are 100 percent sure.

6842 SW 40th St., Miami

Eat a hot dog at Arbetter’s

Miami Herald File

They’ve been serving up hot dogs at this Bird Road spot for 60 years. If you haven’t eaten one of Arbetter’s chili dogs, we have no idea what you’ve been doing with your life.

8747 SW 40th St., Miami

Roll down the hill at Tropical Park and scar yourself for life


If you didn’t sustain an injury on this magical mountain, you didn’t grow up in Miami.

7900 SW 40th St., Miami

Restore your sanity at Lincoln’s Beard


OK, technically, this brewery is Westchester adjacent, just across the Palmetto from Tropical Park. Close enough. They’re always brewing new beers here so ask a bartender for a recommendation.

7360 SW 41st St., Miami

Start your day with Mojo Donuts


Because sugar is the most important food group.

8870 SW 40th St. #13, Miami

End your day in the middle of the night at Night Owl Cookies

Night Owl Cookies

It’s always after 1 a.m. is when all life’s most interesting decisions get made.

10534 SW Eighth St., Miami

Take a selfie at Santa’s Enchanted Forest


Take a photo at this holiday wonderland, and it will become a family heirloom to be handed down through the ages.

7900 SW 40th St., Miami

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