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Kendall bucket list: Do these things in Kendall before you die. No, this isn’t a joke

You many have noticed that loves Kendall. To us, it has all the glamour of Paris and the excitement and wonder of New York City. In short, it is magical.

Why are you laughing?

Haters gonna hate. But maybe you have yet to take a tour of the Census Designated Area that is Kendall to discover its hidden (and not so hidden) treasures. Let us tell you all of the things you must do in Kendall, FL in order to live your life to the fullest.

Here is your Kendall bucket list.

Ice skate like you’re up north

widecold07 heat local da.JPG
Someone will leave in a stretcher every weekend. But it won’t be these girls. DAVID ADAME Miami Herald

Kendall Ice Arena has two kinds of people: Miami folk who will never learn to skate and are just there for a birthday party and a small crew of professional ice skaters and hockey players who just want to not trip over them.

Kendall Ice Arena, 10355 Hammocks Blvd.; 305-386-8288

Declare eternal love at Love Lock Bridge

This is the most romantic thing to do in Miami.

We don’t know whose idea this was, but it just confirms that Kendall and Paris are sister cities.

The Palms at Town & Country, 8268 Mills Dr.

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Dine in the dark at Chef Adrianne’s

Chef Adrianne Calvo reps Kendall all day. Walter Michot

Chef Adrianne does these Dark Dining events, where you basically eat blindfolded. It’s super weird because you know the food will be good but you still suspect someone will try to punk you. But you can’t do that anywhere else in Miami.

Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant and Wine Bar, 11510 SW 147 Ave.; 305-408-8388

Eat at the original Ghee

The dining room of Ghee Indian Kitchen. The one in Kendall, not the Design District.

Niven Patel was like, “Where’s the next big deal ‘hood?” And he decided Dadeland was it before opening his farm to table Indian restaurant.

Ghee Downtown Dadeland, 8965 SW 72nd Pl., 305-968-1850

Go skating at Super Wheels

SuperWheels keeps the tradition of spreading athlete’s foot alive. ALEX KOLYER

Quad skating never goes out of style. But you can also rent roller blades.

Super Wheels Skating Center, 12265 SW 112th St.; 305-270-9386

Go to the Beercade

Fortnite is for scrubs.

Drink beer and play Pong. It’s nerd heaven.

Arcade Odyssey, 12045 SW 117th Ave.; 305-253-2722

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Play disc golf at Indian Hammocks Park

NDgolfpan0428 DNS AD_09.JPG
This is a game of skill and beer. ALLISON DIAZ FOR THE MIAMI HERALD

If you don’t know the joy of trying to slam a frisbee into a metal net, then your life is incomplete. When you are done, you can find a feral cat and take it home.

Kendall Indian Hammocks Park, 11395 SW 79th St.

Go to a brewery

Strange Beast
Owner John Falco has opened Strange Beast, a new brewpub in west Kendall. Carlos Frías

How many breweries does Brickell have? And how about Design District? Well, Kendall has two. Spanish Marie and Strange Beast. Is the beer good? We don’t care. Breweries are cool and we stand behind both of them.

Spanish Marie Brewery, 14241 SW 120th St #109; 786-502-2180

Strange Beast Brewpub and Pizza, 15220 SW 72nd St.; 305-912-7390

Find the best hole in the wall

Empanada Harry’s has all the empanadas. Like, all of them. Emily Michot

You know what strip malls are full of? Tiny amazing little restaurants. You know what Kendall is full of? Strip malls. You can try Empanada Harry’s, Milly’s Empanada Factory, Mr. & Mrs. Bun, Tacos & Tattoos, Hungry Bear Subs, El Tambo Grill. There’s actually even a spot called Hole in the Wall Grill in Kendall.

Go to Zoo Miami

Miami’s elephants live in Kendall.

Miami’s zoo is in Kendall. Fill up your gas tank because that’s where you’re going if you want to see an elephant.

Zoo Miami, 12400 SW 152nd St.

Ride the Micc

ride00 ironman DNS AD.JPG
The chances that you get hit by a car at the Micc are lower. But Miami drivers love a challenge. Allison Diaz Allison Diaz

Miami drivers love to hit cyclists. Kendall has a four-mile riding course for cyclists with no cross traffic. Think about that next time you want to ride the Rickenbacker.

Miccosukee Golf & Country Club, 6401 Kendale Lakes Dr.

Go on a horseback ride

You can be like Lil Nas X -- in Kendall! Roberto Koltun El Nuevo Herald

If you want to take that horse down the old town road, it’s going to be a road in Kendall because that is the home of Horse Country.

Miami Equestrian Club, 11970 SW 64th St.