11/24/2013 3:00 AM

11/25/2013 4:09 PM

$19.99-29.99 plus shipping and handling from thinkgeek.com

How many times have you exclaimed: "Why do I have to purchase a hoodie and a pillowcase as two separate items? Why is there no product that combines these two things into one convenient package?"

If your answer is "numerous times," then you will want to own this hoodie pillowcase and give one to everybody on your holiday list. As its name suggests, the hoodie pillowcase is a pillowcase with a hood attached to it. Just think of the advantages! There are so many that we cannot even begin to list them all here. But we can say that we think this concept could be expanded to include other combinations, such as a hoodie bathing suit, hoodie saxophone, hoodie aquarium, hoodie barbecue grill, hoodie WeedWacker, etc. We honestly can't think of any object that would not be improved by having a hood attached to it, and we include the Shroud of Turin in that statement.



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