Back in Baltimore, Oprah's longtime makeup artist transforms senior faces

BALTIMORE - Dorothy Lievers marveled at herself in the mirror just before she got her beauty shots taken in the brightly lit Mount Vernon studio of fashion photographer P.A. Greene. Her smooth, mahogany skin glowed. Smoky eye shadow with a tinge of shimmer danced across the ridge just under her eyebrows. Her lips had a hint of matte pink lipstick.

Health & Fitness

Eat these 6 food to add years to your life

Six foods can add years to your life. By decreasing inflammation, improving gut bacteria and altering the free-radical damage that alters cell functioning. What’s more, the right food can affect some serious conditions that often worsen with age, such as stroke, hypertension, heart disease, cognitive decline and type 2 diabetes.

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On Gardening: Emperor's candlestick, a nostalgic trip to the islands

I was working on a magazine piece this week on nostalgia gardening. While we tend to think of nostalgia gardening as being related to growing something that is heirloom or antique it can also be considered a plant that mentally transports you back to another time or place. One plant that instantly does that is the Emperor's candlestick, Senna alata formerly Cassia alata.

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