Big Sur's Highway 1 southern route to open in late July

BIG SUR, Calif. – The entire coastal stretch of California's iconic Highway 1 will re-open at the end of July, restoring a beloved but fragile route from San Francisco to Los Angeles that has been closed for more than a year, the California Department of Transportation announced last week.

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Yardsmart: How to maintain privacy in your backyard through planting

You can't sunbathe nude when neighbors look down onto your patio or backyard. They can watch every move you make, and you don't want to see them either. Your neighbor's rotting camper or junk cars may not suit your garden style. The knee-jerk solution is to plant a closely spaced row of Italian cypress or other cigar-shaped evergreens. It may be a wasted effort because they are slow growers, unlikely to fulfill their purpose before the end of our lives.

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Design Recipes: 10 design hacks for using mirrors

A frequently used secret weapon of interior designers and home stagers, mirrors can help to trick the eye in a way that can be aesthetically pleasing to overall improve a room. Small spaces can especially be helped through the creative placement of mirrors. Looking for ways to make the most of mirrors in your home? Here are some timeless tips.

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Style at Home: My Showtime Market report: Hot trends and what I loved

In my 30-plus years in retail, I've been to a zillion markets. It takes a lot to wow me anymore. But oh my, that's exactly what happened at the June Showtime Market in High Point, N.C. Here's the official description of this fabric market that is a dream-come-true for fabric fanatics like me: "The internationally acclaimed Showtime Market offers the most comprehensive fabric, leather and trim presentations." My description? Wow. Just, Wow.

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Ask Angie's List: How should I decorate a kid's room?

Everyone benefits from a space that's uniquely their own – especially kids. Kids love to help plan and design their bedrooms. After all, the place where they sleep and play is their own little part of the world, and it gives them a sense of ownership when they're able to put a personal touch on it. Here are three ways to customize your child's room without breaking the bank:

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Steam assist ovens are the best of both worlds

Professional chefs around the world have known for years that cooking with steam means moister, better tasting food and faster cooking times. In fact, steam assist ovens have been standard fare in the restaurant business for quite some time. Lucky for homeowners, there are now a number of residential-sized models hitting the market. And any home chef would love to own one!

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Key West is getting a new animal shelter

Matt Royer, director of operations at the Florida Keys SPCA's Key West campus, talks about the new $8.4 million, 23,000-square-foot shelter to open later this year.