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Lamb dish inspired by flavors of North Africa

Lamb blends with fragrant spices in this Moroccan dish. Tagines are usually served at home and are cooked in a glazed earthenware tagine, a covered dish with a conical lid. It’s used for slow cooking the ingredients. Steam gathers in the top of the conical lid and falls on the food, keeping it moist without basting. However, any type of skillet or casserole can be used for this dinner.


Berlin leaves its mark on this visitor

In the shadow of the ruined spire of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, a platoon of protesters lifted banners and voices in outrage. Their grievances were with the policies of Recep Erdogan, the president of Turkey, who would be arriving in Berlin the next day for a state visit. Erdogan would tie up traffic during his stay, which coincided with mine, rather as happened during the visit of the last dignitary who came to Berlin the same moment as I had, the Dalai Lama – but for very different reasons.


SeaWorld Orlando tour offers close encounter with walruses

ORLANDO, Fla. – Our Walrus Up-Close Tour at SeaWorld Orlando was almost the experience that wasn't. After beginning the tour on an overcast August afternoon – my group got as far as the kitchen, where we learned oodles about feeding the animals at Wild Arctic – and then my group was disappointed to find out that thunderstorms prevented the experience from going further.


Going on safari for the first time? Here’s what you should know

When I was a child growing up in a small, rural town in Georgia, I was an addict of Edgar Rice Burroughs' "Tarzan of the Apes" series of books in that they opened the door to my love affair with Africa. Even as young as I was, my imagination often carried me away to Africa, to the jungles and creatures of Tarzan's wild kingdom.

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Design Recipes: How to create an attractive point of entry into your home using consoles

When you walk into a home, what is the first thing you see? The first thing you notice? Often the experience is shaped by the point of entry. Whether it's with a mirror placed in an entry hallway, bench or artwork, creating an appealing point of entry can go a long a way in making a positive first impression. The use of an entry console is perhaps one of the more popular ways to create a subtle yet impacting look.

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Plumber: Vanity needed for smaller bathroom

Q: Dear Ed: We're remodeling our bedroom bathroom and I want to make a sink style change. Because of the small bathroom space, we presently have a pedestal style sink. I want a vanity sink with some storage once we remodel. I read in your previous columns about space-saving vanities. Can you please suggest a vanity we can use in a smaller bathroom?

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Style at Home: Embracing nostalgia for the holidays

What are some of your favorite memories of the holidays? For me, as a kid it was secretly unwrapping all my gifts, playing with them, then wrapping them back up and sneaking them back under the tree. As a teen, it was working at my parents' clothing store, making bows for customers' packages. As an adult, it's my robust family packed together around the table, laughing, toasting, loving.

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Want to go express from Miami to Miami Beach? Now you can

The City of Miami launches the Miami Cross Bay Express on October 18, 2018 which will run and stop at Bayside Marketplace, Frost Museum, Washington Avenue and 5th Street.