Lexington’s historic Distillery District gets a new lease on life

Approaching the Distillery District from downtown Lexington, Ky., motorists are taken aback by the large black-and-red mural depicting what looks to be – depending on your perspective – a demented scuba diver, a man wearing a gas mask, or more menacingly, a prison inmate flashing what may or may not be a gang symbol. Underneath are scrawled the words, "Caution. Do not feed."


You’ll love this day trip to ‘Calle 8’ in Miami – trust me

There's a little pocket in Miami as concentrated with flavor as a spoonful of adobo seasoning. Calle Ocho, (SW 8th Street) in the middle of Little Havana, is that place. The food, the personalities and the charm stretch from SW 10th Street to SW 19th. If you're looking to explore a new neighborhood or area in Florida, and you've already done day trips in West Palm Beach, inspiring Lake Worth or kid-friendly Jupiter, then this one is for you. Sure, things can get rowdy and hot very quickly (keep reading), but it's all part of Calle Ocho's magic.


Swim with manatees – legally – in Florida’s Crystal River

On a recent trip with my in-laws, my husband and I decided to do something different, something that would capture the interest of my animal-obsessed sister-in-law. After searching for what seemed like hours on Groupon, we came upon Manatee Tour and Dive in Crystal River – about 87 miles northwest of Orlando, Fla. – which offers the chance to swim with manatees.

Home & Garden

Style at Home: A colorful story: Welcome to Leslie’s house

The minute you meet Leslie, your heart is happy. She is one of those people who radiates sunshine. So when I found out Anne, one of our designers, was going to be working with Leslie to help her bring all that light and love to her interior design, I couldn't wait to see what this talented team would come up with.

Dave Barry's Blog

Canadian in Miami makes Poutine with love

Jason Shoendorfer, co-owner of Babe's Meat & Counter, shares the origin and recipe for the French Canadian treat called "Poutine" inside his deli and butcher shop in Palmetto Bay, Florida.