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Pop singer and nightclub fixture Micki Marlo dies at 88

Micki Marlo recorded for Capitol and ABC-Paramount, had a starring role in Broadway’s “The Ziegfield Follies of 1957,” and became a nightclub regular from Miami Beach’s Fontainebleau to West Hollywood’s Ciro’s. After a string of appearances on TV variety shows like “The Tonight Show,” she moved to Miami-Dade in 1968 and continued performing until 2015.

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Car Seat Headrest, from back seat to major-label success

Car Seat Headrest began as the DIY project of Will Toledo, who used to drive his parents' car to quiet spots in his hometown of Leesburg, Va., and record his vocals in the back seat. In 2010, Toledo, now 24, began uploading his homemade albums to Bandcamp at a rapid clip. Shortly after graduating from college he moved to Seattle, got a backing band and a label deal with Matador Records.


Mary J. Blige explains why she sang to Clinton during talk

Mary J. Blige said she decided to sing Bruce Springsteen's "American Skin (41 Shots)" to Hillary Clinton during her recent interview because she was trying to get the Democratic presidential nominee to feel and understand the widening frustration among blacks in America over police brutality and similar topics.

Music & Nightlife

Common still making sense in shaping hip-hop

Common may be a Hollywood actor, an activist, a philanthropist, author and businessman, but at heart he is a South Side Chicago kid who grew up loving hip-hop and then spent most of the past 20 years building a legacy as one of the most significant rap artists ever out of his hometown. And he's pretty stoked about a new generation of Chicago hip-hop that appears to be building on some of that foundation he helped put down.

Music & Nightlife

Beach Slang is loud and fast, fast and loose

Everything about James Alex's decision to quit his dependable job as a graphic designer and become a full-time, full throated, Replacements-style rock 'n' roller at age 42 made perfect sense. Except one. "My throat was sort of limping," says the frontman for Philadelphia's Beach Slang. "There was one point on the U.S. tour last year, I was face-to-face with my mortality: 'Maybe I can't be blatantly disregarding this thing.'"


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Baby BGirls to Olympic Beating Airflares at Famfest

Famfest's celebration of hiphop dance in Wynwood last weekend featured everything from tiny aspiring BBoys and BGirls moving their bitty behinds to spectacular dancer-athletes spinning through the air (including a move called the Airflare adopted by Olympic gymnasts.) Famfest, organized by Miami breakdance pioneers Rudi Goblen and the Flipside Kings at the Miami Light Project's Light Box at Goldman Warehouse, may have featured a dance contest, but it was also a party for hiphop culture and how dance grows from one generation to the next.
Jordan Levin
Baby BGirls to Olympic Beating Airflares at Famfest 2:08

Baby BGirls to Olympic Beating Airflares at Famfest

Things to do in Miami in May 1:52

Things to do in Miami in May

Scenes from the last day of Ultra Music Festival 5:53

Scenes from the last day of Ultra Music Festival

Man wears every piece of trash he generates for 30 days 1:14

Man wears every piece of trash he generates for 30 days