As with President Bush’s dog, our canines mourn losses, too

ATLANTA -- More than half a century has passed since my oldest brother drowned trying to save our cousin. I was just 9 years old, but I remember that time like it was yesterday -- not just my mother’s gut-wrenching wails when she heard the news but the pitiful whimpering of his dog Tippie as he lay at the side of my brother’s casket.


No diving in the pool? Not for this Texas puppy

Karma the puppy ended up falling into the water after visiting the Sugar Land, TX swimming pool for the first time. The three-second clip was immediately cut off as the video recorder, Philip Essissima, rushed to save the puppy from drowning.

Pets burned in the Camp Fire get fish-skin mittens to heal burns

UC Davis veterinarians put tilapia skins on burns that cats and dogs suffered in California’s deadly Camp Fire to help the pets recover. Fish skins have been used to help bear burn victims before.