What’s the best food hall in Miami? We tried every one from South Beach to Aventura to find out

We love Miami’s food halls.

But let’s face it: We love some more than others. And some we kinda don’t love at all.

The food halls around town range from upscale to one small step up from a food court. The thing to remember is this: A food hall is less expensive than dinner out at a restaurant - but it’s not necessarily cheap. Don’t @ me if you order a $20 short rib entree and suffer monetary regrets afterward.

Here are our favorite food halls ranked in order of how much we want to go back and stuff our faces.

1. Time Out Market Miami

1601 Drexel Ave., Miami Beach

time out.jpg

The upscale food hall features 18 local, high-end chefs plus a demo kitchen. Warning: You are going to pay more than you do at Johnny Rockets at the mall. This is as upscale as it gets.

Highlight: You can try menu items by chefs whose restaurants may be a little out of your usual price range. Jeremy Ford’s counter here is a lot more affordable than Stubborn Seed.

Downside: With so many vendors, it’s hard to know where to start. We recommend doing a slow lap - then taking the plunge.

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2. St Roch Market

140 NE 39th St., Miami

St Roch Market.jpg

Whether you crave the incredible homemade pasta from Dal Plin, the creative Peruvian/sushi fusion from Itamae or the messy, delicious Lil Hottie sandwich from Coop, you’ll find something to love.

Highlight: Happy hour at The Mayhaw bar runs from 5-7 p.m. Sunday-Thursday with $7 wines, beer and cocktails. Also we like to sit in the swing installation outside.

Downside: The ambience is slightly food courtesque during the day (but improves at night).

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3. The Citadel

8300 NE Second Ave., Miami


From the big names (Palmar) to the more modest vendors (Il Nuts, which sells - what else? - nuts), The Citadel caters to a wide variety of desires.

Highlights: The Citadel has made the Little River neighborhood a destination.

Downside: The rooftop bar is cool, with fun events on Wednesdays - but it’s a little toasty up there in the summer.

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4. 1-800-Lucky

143 NW 23rd St., Miami


No matter what kind of Asian food you want - sushi, dumplings, ramen, stir fry, buns - you can find it here. Even if what you want is just an Instagram-worthy ice cream cone.

Highlight: The Asian theme and those couches outside (where you want to lie down after eating too much).

Downside: Being in Wynwood, it’s got a lot of competition so it’s easy to get distracted and eat somewhere else.

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5. La Centrale

601 S Miami Ave. Suite 181-C, Miami


The three-story Italian food hall at Brickell has an entire floor devoted to wine. Enough said.

Highlight: Lots of fun activations, like this summer’s Rosé Garden and rosé cooking classes.

Downside: You have to drive in Brickell to get there.

6. Casa Tua Cuchina

70 SW 7th St., Miami


The one-story Italian food hall at Brickell City Centre caters to a busy lunch crowd during the week.

Highlight: You can sit at the bar and order from different vendors without having to walk around the place.

Downside: You have to drive in Brickell to get there.

7. Yumbrella

Sunset Place, 5701 Sunset Dr., South Miami


Finally, a quick place to grab a bite at Sunset Place.

Highlight: Brown butter white chocolate tres leches croissant bread pudding from The Beverly. This cannot be overstated.

Downside: It’s at Sunset Place.

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8. Lincoln Eatery

723 Lincoln Ln. N, Miami Beach


Let’s call it the Anti-Time Out Market.

Highlight: You can grab something quick and relatively inexpensive - an empanada at Patagonia Flavors, maybe? - a block off of Lincoln Road, where overpriced tourist joints have taken over.

Downside: No atmosphere whatsoever. More of a food court than food hall.

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9. Treats Food Hall

Aventura Mall, 19501 Biscayne Blvd., Miami


A bright, airy food court was named best food court in Florida. Emphasis on “food court.”

Highlight: With choices like Shake Shack, GoGo Fresh and Poke 305, It’s light years better than the old food court.

Downside: There’s a Chipotle. You’re still a food court if you’ve got a Chipotle.

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