St. Roch Market is open in the Design District. Here are the 5 best things we ate there.

St. Roch Market, a New Orleans import, acts as a food hall and test kitchen for local chefs before they open stand-alone restaurants.
St. Roch Market, a New Orleans import, acts as a food hall and test kitchen for local chefs before they open stand-alone restaurants.

Finding delicious food at the new St. Roch Market in Miami’s Design District is not hard. You can walk up to practically any of the counters manned by some of the most promising chefs in South Florida and walk away happy.

This is no surprise: St. Roch – a New Orleans-based concept – features counters manned by chefs trying out their ideas before launching stand-alone restaurants. You’ll find everything from Vietnamese fare to vegan cupcakes.

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See, St. Roch is more upscale than your basic food hall. You’ll pay more, but you’ll eat better. And if you need a little help navigating the market, which has 12 separate counters, including The Mayhaw bar in the center and Sabal Coffee in the corner, here’s where to go and what to order.

Dal Plin

We are still dreaming about the Gnudi Toscani – naked ravioli to you – we tried over the weekend @dalplinmiami in @st.rochmarket. Dal Plin serves homemade pasta to die for. The Prosciutto De Parma Cappelleti is also a winner. Pair it with red #wine from @themayhaw, and it'll be the best food hall meal you've ever had. Welcome to the Design District, St. Roch. #Miami

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Massimo and Elisabetta Tundo, who are originally from Milan, handmake such beautiful pasta, it will break your heart and make you long for the Italian grandmother you never had. We tried the Proscuitto De Parma Cappelletti ($21) and the Gnudi Toscani ($15), which is sort of a naked ravioli that screams for accompaniment with the red wine of your choice. Wander over and check out The Mayhaw bar’s wine list, and you’ll be able to find one easily enough. Easily the most impressive spot in the market.


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Robert Rodriguez and Company, thank you for introducing us to Lil Hotties. Seriously, thank you. They’re the small version of CooP’s “Some Like It” Hot Chicken Sandwich ($13), which involves spicy fried chicken, cilantro slaw and pickles on a brioche bun. We have never had a better chicken sandwich in our lives.

Hot Lime

Cochinitia Pibil Tacos with perfect polenta squares. You could eat this every day.

Who doesn’t like tacos? At Hot Lime, Daniel Gonzalez, Jaime Villanueva and Carlos Padilla serve them up with a twist – a Peruvian twist, that is. They serve ceviche, too. We tried the Cochinitia Pibil Tacos (2 for $10, 3 for $14) and have only good things to say about the juicy pork. You can also order tacos with braised short rib, chipotle chicken and garlic shrimp. There are vegan tacos, too.

Elysian Seafood

Always a favorite… Louisiana crab cake, sweet corn & charred scallion cream.

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This New Orleans staple, led by Brandon Blackwell and Jennifer Sherrod, is well known for its charbroiled oysters ($19/$38). We tried the Louisiana crab cakes ($14 or $24) and immediately added them to our top five St. Roch Market foods list.


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