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Lincoln Eatery is open. Here are the five best things we ate there

Lincoln Eatery is open. Are you ready to eat?

The main food hall, situated a block north of Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, has opened its doors to the public. The second phase of the project, the rooftop terrace, won’t open until later this year.

But we all know what’s important here, don’t we? A simple question: How’s the food?


Vendors at the food hall are: Necessary Purveyor, Fresh Garden Bowls, Chill’N, TYO Sushi, Marble & Rye, Toast & More, Crafted Burger, Patagonia Flavors, Cake Thai, Gai-Jin by Cake and Manhattan Paletas. There’s also the XO Espresso Bar for caffeine addicts and The Tavern for those in need of an adult beverage.

Here are the five best things we ate there.

The pastrami sandwich at Marble & Rye


Lean meat on perfect pumpernickel. Enough said.

The pimento cheese sandwich at Necessary Purveyor


Simple is good. Sometimes it’s great. Owner Tyler Dabestani, to whom sustainability is a mantra, uses Sweet Grass Dairy pimento, adds tomato and puts it on sourdough from Zak the Baker. It’s everything you want in a sandwich. The turkey avocado (with cheddar, baby dill, watercress and chipotle aioli) is pretty great, too.

Any empanada at Patagonia Flavors


Beef, chicken, mushroom, cheese - we tried them all, plus more Spanish tortilla than was technically good for us. We would have kept eating, but they had to close for the night.

The tuna sushi at TYO


Spicy tuna on a crunchy rice cake with shreds of ginger. It’s a bomb of sushi love.

Nitrogen ice cream from Chill’N


We know it’s kind of a no-brainer to choose ice cream, but listen, this nitrogen ice cream is good stuff. They pour liquid into this machine, and some magical scientific process occurs. The result is - wait for it- ice cream. Our favorite flavor? Biscotti. But we will try them all to be sure.

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Lincoln Eatery

Where: 723 Lincoln Lane, Miami Beach

Hours: 8 a.m.-11 p.m. daily