Bogus bomb scare shuts down Guantánamo base commissary

Someone discovered the scary ‘device’ at around 2:30 p.m. Monday

The Navy scrambled a bomb squad from Mayport, Florida, and declared the store safe more than 10 hours later

The commissary is the commercial center of the remote base of around 6,000 residents, about 2,000 assigned to the prison of 91 captives


Guantánamo parole board clears Yemeni who was victim of mistaken identity

Mustafa al Shamiri was kept as an al-Qaida captive of consequence rather than run-of-the-mill jihadist

He spent more than 13 years at Guantánamo, 6 as a ‘forever prisoner’ because his name was similar to names of other extremists

Now he joins dozens of captives cleared for third-country resettlement with security assurances that satisfy Secretary of Defense Ash Carter

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