Personal Finance

Fighting back against the ‘pester power’ in kids’ TV ads

Steve Gara, owner of Vita Bakes Bakery, makes his living selling vitamin-fortified cupcakes and other treats at North Miami’s Salad Oz. Despite his health consciousness, Gara doesn’t worry much about his kids pestering for unhealthy foods and expensive toys they see on TV commercials. That’s because his 9-year-old twin boys typically don’t even watch those 30-second spots. They’re too busy wrestling each other during the cartoon breaks.

Personal Finance

Meg Green: Suspicions complicate inheritance windfall

The dilemma: My husband and I know little about investing, not having grown up in the world of money. We have savings and 401(k)s at work, and college savings accounts for our children, but that’s all. Recently my great uncle surprised us by leaving me a great deal of money and a townhouse in New York, now being sold for a small fortune. It’s life changing for us.

Personal Finance

Tom Hudson: All eyes on Southern California ports

Your iPhone, television, maybe even the clothes on your back first came to the United States through Southern California. The twin ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach do almost $400 billion worth of trade with the world. And that business may grind to a halt in the week ahead.


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