Dave Barry


Dave Barry

Classic '95: Smoke gets in your eyes

As soon as I walked into the restaurant, I could smell the cigar. You can smell a cigar 50 feet away. It takes only one to permeate the atmosphere of a restaurant, so that everything you eat tastes a little like a cigar -- cigar salad, cigar steak, cigar cheesecake.

Dave Barry

Classic '95: DUCK!

The problem with hunting, as a sport, is that it's not competitive. A guy with a shotgun squats in a swamp; an unarmed duck with an IQ of maybe four flies overhead; the guy blasts the duck into individual duck molecules. Where is the challenge here? Where is the contest?

Dave Barry

Classic '95: Service with a smile

Income-tax-filing time: For Person A,  it's a nightmare;  yet for Person B,  it's no big deal. What's the difference?

Simple: Person B died in 1993. This is the kind of sound tax planning that can prevent numerous headaches down the road.

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