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Freaks of the plant world

Plants are prone to a particular deformation that produces a flattened, fan-shaped growth pattern called fasciation. It can be alarming if unexpected, and stunning when cultivated — a quirky addition to your garden.

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All organized people have this in their bathrooms � do you?

Not everyone can have a sprawling bathroom with floor-to-ceiling marble tiles, extra-wide soaking tubs, and roaring fireplaces. But everyone can have a bathroom that feels luxe, no matter how old or small. A bathroom renovation may be out of reach, or your rental may have been renovated in the '70s, but with a few small accents, you can take your space from plain to polished with minimal effort.

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Ask Angie's List: How do you hide entertainment center wires?

With advances in home automation and entertainment, many people find technology leaving an ever-expanding footprint inside their home. They aren't just interested in how to hide TV wires. They also want to know how to hide everything those wires connect to - receivers, Blu-ray players, game consoles and even the TV itself.

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Style at Home: Pillow pairings to perk up a space

I love the changing of the seasons. One of my favorite rituals as the cold months fold into warm, and back again, is to switch out the accent pillows on my sofa, chairs and bedding. In a few weeks, I will unzip my heavy weight plaids and replace them with lightweight florals and stripes. And just like that, my living spaces will feel new for spring.

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Nesting 101: Your guide to staying chic while staying in

Sometimes hitting the town in your chicest look is too much during the winter. The dreary weather, chances for sleet or snow, and blustery temperatures don't necessarily make for the perfect opportunity to bust out a pair of stilettos or a sleek silk number, no matter how well they may pair with your fur coat or stylish puffer jacket.

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Yardsmart: Grow your own paleo grains

It may be the oldest cultivated grain in the Western Hemisphere. It predates maize by centuries. When the first corn was still weedy grass called teosinte in southern Mexico, the people of the region were growing an earlier grain. It's the sophisticated ancestor of our garden pig weed, which has carried many settlers through rough times with its edible foliage.

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On Gardening: Colorful storm brewing in the spring garden

There has been a storm brewing in North Carolina and it is one that will prove to beautify our landscapes across the country. The Mountain Horticultural Crops Research Station in Mills River N.C. already horticultural heroes of sorts with their incredible white flowered Sweet Tea Mountain Gordlinia are now bringing the landscape the Double Take Storm flowering quinces with the most shocking blooms you ever imagined.

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Answer Man: Does changing the direction of a ceiling fan really save you money?

Q: They say you're supposed to reverse the direction of ceiling fans in the winter to improve the circulation of warm air, thus helping your furnace's heating efficiency while reducing your utility bill. But most homes have their warm air ducts at floor level. My house is a little funny in that a previous owner who installed the HVAC system had the ducts placed near the ceiling. Do the same rules still apply?

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A 'down-to-the-studs' renovation updates a 1961 Ibsen Nelsen home

SEATTLE - Kristin and her husband had no plans at all to move from their first home, a 1911 Queen Anne bungalow they had meticulously remodeled to the period. But the kids were conked out in the car, and the family randomly had driven by an intriguing midcentury-modern open house in picturesque Laurelhurst - and really, what could possibly happen if Kristin just peeked?


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McDonald's drive-thru robber caught on surveillance video

Ocala, Florida police detectives have released surveillance video which shows a man robbing a McDonald's from a drive-thru window.
Ocala Police Department
McDonald's drive-thru robber caught on surveillance video 0:43

McDonald's drive-thru robber caught on surveillance video

Aerial view of damage to Oroville Dam's main spillway after days of running at 100,000 cubic feet per second 1:39

Aerial view of damage to Oroville Dam's main spillway after days of running at 100,000 cubic feet per second

Tiffany Evans the 'zombie prostitute' tells her story 3:10

Tiffany Evans the 'zombie prostitute' tells her story

Sinkhole swallows two cars with passengers inside 1:09

Sinkhole swallows two cars with passengers inside