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On Gardening: Lady Slipper orchid, easy to grow stunning beauty

It looks like it would gobble up an unsuspecting pollinator but instead the pouch called a labellum is simply nature's method of getting a pollination program underway. The pollinator flies into the pouch and most likely finds it a little work to escape all the while either picking up pollen or making a deposit before finding freedom. This wonder of nature occurs in lady slipper orchids which is a spectacle that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

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Yardsmart: The best annuals for your garden

The English cottage garden began as a worker's garden. These were country folks who served on grand estates or farmed small plots in the countryside. In this incredible climate, the workers planted everything they thought beautiful, oblivious of horticultural fashion of the day. Inevitably, they selected flowers that brightened life after the long English winters. Annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees that produced the most glorious color were the most favored. This suggests that at our human roots lies a need for flowers as solace to the disappointments of life.

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Some decorative grasses spell trouble, but attractive alternatives exist

In the realm of good-looking grasses, Miscanthus has long held a certain pride of place. In 1893, the cover of Gardening magazine, published in Chicago, featured a border of hardy grasses – variegated Japanese silver grass (Miscanthus sinensis 'Variegatus'), zebra grass (Miscanthus sinensis 'Zebrinus'), fountain grass (Pennisetum) and giant reed (Arundo donax).

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Design Recipes: The best pastel looks for spring

From flowers to fashion and home furnishings, spring is a time for soft, muted colors. Pastels are a popular choice, whether pink, blue, green, purple or yellow. What is appealing to many homeowners about pastel colors relates to the soft, soothing environments they help create. Pastel colors also pair well with other colors, especially neutrals such as cream, white, taupe, brown and even black.

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Kitchen overflowing? Try modern take on Julia Child-style pegboard

Great storage solutions are born in one of two ways: in a frantic effort to make sense of an ever-expanding universe of things, or as a surrender to the knowledge that space is, in the end, limited. In the case of most of our houses – and particularly our kitchens – that limitation seems to be more stringent than ever. There are only so many pots, pans, paring knives and gadgets that can fit.

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Style at Home: Welcome to Innisfree– It's patio time.

Dan and I love to entertain at our home. When we lived in our grand old Greek revival in Atchison, Kan., welcoming large groups was no big deal. But our snug little lake cottage where we live now just doesn't have the space for big gatherings. So when we renovated the house, we decided to make the most of our outdoor spaces so the party could spill outside.

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Plumber: Looking for a versatile kitchen faucet

Q: Dear Ed: We're planning to remodel our tiny kitchen. We can only fit a smaller size one-bowl kitchen sink, but I'd like to have some extra features. I remember reading your past articles where you mentioned adding a filtered beverage faucet to your kitchen sink. I like the idea of having filtered water for beverages and cooking, but I don't want to clutter my small sink area with two faucets. Do they make versatile kitchen faucets that also work like beverage faucets?

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Move over, minimalism. The decor trend you never saw coming is here

Increasingly minimal interiors have been dominating decor trend reports for a while now, but as we all know, the pendulum always has to swing back the other way at some point. We started seeing a glimpse of this shift in aesthetics on NYFW's F/W 17 runways and predicted interiors would follow suit. In the last month, this sentiment has only been confirmed with the proliferation of ultra-cool traditionalist interiors popping up everywhere.

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Yardsmart: Celebrate passion this spring with purple plants

The color purple has evolved well beyond links to Barney the dinosaur to become a favorite color for politics, hair and flowers. It's little understood as a hue because royal purple is not the only shade offered. In fact, purple has two faces. It runs hot and cold. It is the high frequency child of two primary colors.


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Don Mattingly talks about Marlins' 6-3 win over Padres in 11 innings

Miami Marlins manager Don Mattingly talks about the team's 6-3 comeback win in San Diego on Saturday, April 22, 2017.
Andre C. Fernandez a1fernandez@miamiherald.com
Don Mattingly talks about Marlins' 6-3 win over Padres in 11 innings 1:58

Don Mattingly talks about Marlins' 6-3 win over Padres in 11 innings

 ‘Moonlight’ makers celebrate in Miami 1:42

‘Moonlight’ makers celebrate in Miami

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Ahmmon Richards wants to continue to work despite accolades

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Mark Walton happy with direction of Hurricane football after conclusion of spring football