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Movie News & Reviews

Movie review: 'Personal Shopper' is both genuinely scary and psychologically serious

Maureen, a young American living in Paris, fits nowhere since the death of her twin brother. She spends evenings trying to connect with him in the afterlife. They both claimed the spiritual skills of a medium to examine the beyond, and promised that the first to pass would reach out to the survivor with some message. During the day she is the fashion assistant to a wealthy "high-profile media personality who doesn't have the time to worry about practical things." Understandably, Maureen is skittish 24 hours a day. Even more so when an occult figure makes a milky, ectoplasmic appearance before her eyes. And further still when anonymous messages from a possible stalker flood her iPhone.

Movie News & Reviews

Movie review: Woody Harrelson is strangely likeable goofus in 'Wilson'

That guy you met on who announces straight off that you're not his heart's desire, but goes rattling on about his own relationship issues? The dude who sits next to you in an empty bus, asks your religion and explains why that's not the best choice? The odd duck who takes the urinal beside yours in a deserted restroom because he has inquiries about fatherhood you might be able to answer?

Movie News & Reviews

Movie review: Woody Harrelson doesn't do justice to Daniel Clowes' graphic novel in 'Wilson'

Daniel Clowes is one of the great graphic novelists and jaundiced wits of our time, creator of fantastically bitter characters whose litanies of complaint and twisted avenues of philosophical inquiry would be tragic, or merely pathetic, if they weren't also really funny. Clowes is like Anton Chekhov's wiseacre American cousin. And, near-miraculously, director Terry Zwigoff's film versions of Clowes' graphic novels "Ghost World" (2001, featuring Thora Birch and a pre-stardom Scarlett Johansson) and "Art School Confidential" (2006) stayed true to the tone, rhythm and sneaky pathos of the Clowes books.

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Anatomy of a scene | 'Kong: Skull Island'

Jordan Vogt-Roberts narrates a sequence from "Kong: Skull Island" with Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleston.
New York Times
Anatomy of a scene | 'Kong: Skull Island' 2:14

Anatomy of a scene | 'Kong: Skull Island'

'Moonlight' actors hang out at Miami Heat's house 1:42

'Moonlight' actors hang out at Miami Heat's house

Logan - Official Trailer 2:15

Logan - Official Trailer

Old friend of Tarell Alvin McCraney reacts to Oscar night 1:00

Old friend of Tarell Alvin McCraney reacts to Oscar night

Flashback Miami

Christmas in Miami

Through the years, Miami has celebrated the holiday season with reindeer on snowless rooftops, lights twined around palm trees and sleds parked firmly on green grass.