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Movie News & Reviews

Movie review: 'Kiki' is energetic, affectionate portrait of New York's LGBT ballroom scene

The various bodies moving through "Kiki," an energetic and enveloping documentary about New York City's LGBT ballroom scene, are capable of astonishing, even superhuman physical feats. They dance and gyrate on underground subway platforms, down half-empty streets, and on the grass at Christopher Street Pier. They pour themselves into stunningly elaborate costumes before hitting the dance floor, performing under hot lights, thundering music and the eyes of hundreds of enthusiastic onlookers.

Movie News & Reviews

Movie review: 'Rock Dog' won't have you howling for more

The second Chinese-American co-production to hit U.S. theaters in as many weeks, animated feature "Rock Dog" arrives one week after the release of another prominent co-production, the fantasy adventure "The Great Wall." Director Ash Brannon brings Pixar and Sony bona fides (he co-directed "Toy Story 2" and directed "Surf's Up") to this adaptation of rocker Zheng Jun's graphic novel "Tibetan Rock Dog," which mixes Tibetan culture with contemporary Brit-rock, and adds a splash of mob movies for kicks.

Movie News & Reviews

Movie review: 'A United Kingdom' doesn't strike irresistible spark

Biographical films of real-world figures and historical films have an identical Achilles heel. If they're presented with an aura of subdued seriousness and a shortage of compelling drama, they devolve into "this happens and then that happens" catalogs of information. No matter how important the subject matter may be, viewers need a thematic through-line and an absorbing psychological undercurrent. As a species, we're guided more by feelings than data.

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Director of The LEGO Batman Movie narrates a scene from the film

Chris McKay narrates a sequence from his film The LEGO Batman Movie. McKay is known for his show Robot Chicken.
New York Times
Director of The LEGO Batman Movie narrates a scene from the film 2:11

Director of The LEGO Batman Movie narrates a scene from the film

The Age of Love 2:17

The Age of Love

Miami native William Levy talks about 4:13

Miami native William Levy talks about "Resident Evil: The Final Chapter"

Moonlight 1:56


Flashback Miami

Christmas in Miami

Through the years, Miami has celebrated the holiday season with reindeer on snowless rooftops, lights twined around palm trees and sleds parked firmly on green grass.