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Looking to buy? These 7 South Florida neighborhoods are more affordable than most

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Miami-Dade is the most expensive metro in the U.S. for renters and one of the costliest for home buyers. This series explains why that’s so and what it means for the region and its residents. Our interactive tool helps renters and buyers match their budgets to affordable neighborhoods. Future stories will explore solutions to South Florida’s housing crisis.

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For renters, Miami-Dade is the most expensive city in the U.S.

Homebuyers have it better.

As of 2017, homeowners in Miami-Dade paid 22.7 percent of household income on annual housing costs. That’s similar to Los Angeles and Brooklyn, but more than in the counties for Chicago, Dallas or Houston.

In Miami-Dade, as elsewhere, homeowners skew wealthier than the total population. The median household income of Miami-Dade homeowners is $68,061, significantly more than the total county median household income of $49,930.

Still, buying isn’t cheap. In Miami-Dade, the median price for a single-family home is now $372,000, while the median price of a condo is $249,500, according to the Miami Realtors Association. When it comes to single-family homes, Broward is even slightly more expensive, with a median price of $380,000. Broward condos are a relative bargain at a median price of $172,000.

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Despite those high prices, some neighborhoods still offer strong value. Our interactive online tool will show you where you can afford to buy and rent in Miami-Dade and Broward counties at any budget.

For this series, we focused on seven neighborhoods with a steady supply of homes and condos priced under $300,000 — an amount generally considered attainable for two college-educated earners. Living in them requires some sort of compromise: a commute, schools below the A-grade or crime above the nation’s average (score of 100).

In their favor: All are up-and-coming neighborhoods where the dollar still has muscle.

The Blue Lagoon Condominiums complex at 5077 NW Seventh Street in Miami. AL DIAZ


One of Miami’s best bargains

The entrance to Hialeah, on Okeechobee Road. Pedro Portal


A family place with condos

This three-bedroom, two-bathroom house on Scott Street in Hollywood listed for $295,000. It sold after two months on the market. Jose A. Iglesias


Single-family homes for under $300,000

Real estate agent and developer Ivan Rabinovich shows a newly renovated home in the Liberty City/ Model City neighborhood that’s selling for $255,000. CHARLES TRAINOR JR.


On the early part of an upswing

Property for sale located at 13801 NW 84 Ct # 2504, in Miami Lakes 33016. Pedro Portal


Filled with townhomes, condos

A 3-bedroom, 2-bath bi-level home in North Miami was recently listed at $390,000. CHARLES TRAINOR


Homes with ‘lots of potential’

This 1,800-square-foot, 3-bedroom, 2-bath home in Tamarac was recently priced at $282,000. Jose A. Iglesias


No longer for your granny

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