Where can you afford to rent or buy in South Florida? This tool will show you

Renting or buying in South Florida is notoriously expensive when compared with local wages. The Miami Herald’s interactive tool helps you identify ZIP codes with rentals or mortgages that match your budget.

Experts recommend you should pay, at most, three-and-a-half times your annual income on a home purchase. Our tool uses that calculation to determine which properties in each ZIP code meet that criteria. A $100,000 household income, for example, would make your maximum price $350,000 (not including down payments, interest, taxes or insurance).

Likewise, experts recommend that monthly rent be limited to 30 percent of pre-tax monthly household income. A $4,000 monthly income, for example, would put your ideal rent at $1,200.

The rental prices shown here are based on the median price of all available units within each ZIP code.

Because both rents and purchase prices are often related to school quality and crime, we have included that data as well.

Crime is measured against average crime throughout the U.S. The score of 100 is the average for all U.S. communities, urban and rural. The score of 105 is the average for the top 25 U.S. metros. The overall average for Miami-Dade is 129, or 24 percent greater than the average of the top U.S. metros. The overall average for Broward is 120.