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We always thought Florida was the most fun state in America. This survey says we’re not

Florida is fun.

This we know, or we wouldn’t live here among all the giant marauding reptiles and idiot drivers.

But now it’s official (sort of). The personal finance website WalletHub has announced its Most Fun States in America list for 2019 - and we’re almost but not quite no. 1.

In fact, Florida is the second most fun state. The most fun state is California.

gator in clearwater house2.jpg
One of the super fun things that happens in whimsical Florida. Clearwater Police Department via Facebook

Considering all those beaches and mountains and vineyards and that recreational weed, we’re gonna give it to Cali even though earthquakes are awful and wildfires are worse and also we don’t want to taste cilantro in every damn thing we eat.

Still, no. 2 isn’t bad. You could do worse than 2. For example, nos. 3 through 10: New York, Washington, Colorado, Nevada, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Oregon and Texas.

The least fun state is West Virginia, with Mississippi clocking in at no. 49.

How did Florida end up so high on the list? WalletHub assessed all 50 states in two main categories: “Nightlife” and “Entertainment and Recreation” and evaluated them via 26 different metrics (number of attractions, ideal weather, shoreline mileage, accessibility to Brazilian butt lifts, etc.). So while we got an F in the ski resort metric, we excelled at marinas and golf courses because those things are super important to every community.

Florida also scored high (no. 4) in the number of fitness centers and was in the top tier of restaurants per capita. We are great at restaurants. Also at traffic and gator sightings. Next time, add those metrics, WalletHub.

So much fun!

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