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Listeria closes a Penn Dutch location for the second time this year

Listeria returned to infect and close the Hollywood location of Penn Dutch, a South Florida meat-selling stalwart closed by listeria issues in March.

Penn Dutch wasn’t closed by inspection failure, as is the case with restaurants that fail state inspection, but so much of the place has Stop Use and Stop Sale orders, opening would be a challenge.

Instead of owning up to the bacteria found as it did in March, Penn Dutch management reportedly put up a sign on the door at 3950 N. 28th Terr. blaming the closure on “catastrophic” roof and refrigerator damage. WPLG-Channel 10 photographed the sign.

The Aug. 27 inspection report did include “main backroom walkway observed leaking water throughout walkway placed under stop-use due to positive listeria monocytogenes in products sampled from processing facility.”

Products sampled, taken by the Department of Agriculture on Aug. 19 and 21, included chicken salad, imitation crab salad, coleslaw, Butterball oven roasted turkey, sliced head cheese, carved ham off the bone, Panamei fish, Sea Mazz shrimp, La Marie tilapia and CenSea shrimp.

On Aug. 27, the results hit Penn Dutch.

“The Deli service area, deli slicing area, all processing equipment stored and used within both deli areas, and the pass-thru reach-in cooler have been placed under Stop Use due to positive listeria monocytogenes in products sampled from processing facility.”

A Stop Use order means the equipment or area can’t be used.

A Stop Sale got dropped on the following food: “all prepackaged and open exposed food items stored in deli service area, deli slicing area, and pass-thru reach-in cooler.”

Wednesday’s Florida Department of Agriculture re-inspection only reiterated that Stop Use and Stop Sale orders remained in place.

Listeria strikes 1,600 people in the United States each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention., killing around 260. Children under 5, senior citizens, pregnant women and those with damaged immune systems are most vulnerable to the worst from listeria.

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