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3,400 pounds of meat dumped as listeria hits Penn Dutch. A Sedano’s, a Fresco failed, too

THURSDAY UPDATE: The Department of Agriculture’s focused inspection from Wednesday shut down much of Penn Dutch’s Hollywood location. “All areas of the facility used for food production, including kitchen, smokehouse, chill blaster, deli, deli slicing room, meat department, cutting room, bakery, cafe, seafood department, cryovac room and walk-in cooler with product under Stop Sale have been placed under Stop Use due to presence of listeria ... in products sampled from facility.”

Listeria infects 1,600 Americans each year and kills about 260, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Listeria infected the processing facility for one of the local staples on our Gross Grocers list.

What follows comes from Florida Department of Agriculture inspections of supermarkets, grocery stores, food distributors and food storage facilities. We don’t control who gets inspected or how strictly. We report without passion or prejudice, but with a handbasket of humor.

In alphabetical order:

Dollar Tree, 224 N. Third St., Lantana — Jarred Garlic from China had popped jar lids. They got tossed. A bigger problem was the lack of an approved water source. And muddy, sticky floors in restrooms.

Don Pan Kendall, 7702 N. Kendall Dr., South Miami-Dade — “Employees found opening/closing doors, serving customers, touching hair and face, then not washing hands before working with food.” And that makes no soap at the handwashing sink an even bigger problem.

“Ice machine found with mold-like residue stains on interior rim of ice chute.” ... “Lunch meat slicer found with old yellow/brown food residue on blade and around push tool.” ... “Mixer found with encrusted food residue on underside of tool attachment.”

Exxon, 1690 NW 87th Ave., Doral — “Soda machine ice chute observed with black mold-like stains around the interior.”

And all this was thrown out for being kept either not warm enough or not cool enough: ham wrap, Kaiser ham wrap, ham wheat, turkey wrap, turkey sub, ham sub, turkey cheese, chicken salad, shredded pork roast, ham croquettes, spinach empanadas, beef-stuffed potato balls, beef-stuffed yucca, beef empanadas, Venezuelan chicken empanadas, flan cup, bulk flan and bulk bread pudding.

Fresco Y Mas, 18801 SW 117th Ave., Miami — Because of equipment cleanliness, unapproved food sources and food safety temperature violations, the Stop Sales rained and this Fresco had to dump enough food to feed Philadelphia.

(We’ll skip the grinders encrusted with yellow food residue.)

“Bottled chimichurri obtained from an establishment that does not have a permit.” Tossed.

Whole pork roasts that needed to be at 165 degrees were at 122 degrees after two hours of reheating. Tossed.

Beef soup, black beans, fish soup, chicken soup, ajaico, pork roast weren’t cooled to 41 degrees within six hours of cooking. Trashed.

The deli’s hot area had Papa rellena, beef stuffed cassava, cod, ham and chicken croquettes, beef, spinach, chicken and Colombian beef empanadas, ham and cheese stuffed bread and omelettes. None of it kept warmed enough. Basura.

Nobody knew how long the ham and chicken lunch meat in the deli area had been there and they lacked dates. Garbage.

La Frontera, 1600 W. Canal St., Belle Glade — “Live roaches under both meat department prep tables next to the meat saw.” Dead roaches inside the video receiver next to the meat department TV and in the backroom reach-in refrigerator. Inspector Syed Kaleem slapped a Stop Use on the equipment and “all food products under Stop Sale order due to live roaches.”

La Guadalupana Ice Cream 2, 1417 S. State Rd. 7, Davie — No hot water in the restroom handwashing sink and no valid 2019 food permit.

Penn Dutch, 3950 N. 28th Ter., Hollywood — You know how dirty water is when it leaks out of a ceiling? Well, Penn Dutch had this marinade working from above.

“Water dripping from ceiling and blowing from fans onto uncovered turkey drums, turkey breast loaves, ham hocks, neck bones, pig tails, pork parts, chorizo and mild Georgia sausages in walk-in blast chiller.”

That slapped Stop Sales on all 1,928 pounds of that food from Inspector Anna Johnson. Almost one ton of no fun.

The company posted a statement to its website Wednesday.

“During a recent inspection at our Hollywood store some issues were brought to our attention. We voluntarily discontinued sales of all potentially impacted products and we are working with a team of experts to fix these issues as quickly as possible. We stand by our commitment to only sell products that are safe.

“Until we have resolved all issues we are centralizing the cutting/wrapping/pricing of our USDA meat and poultry products in our Margate Store to supply both stores.”

Penn Dutch, 3201 N. State Rd. 7, Margate — “Positive listeria monocytogenes samples from processing facility” said a March 7 focused inspection. So, 1,491 pounds of meat at this Penn Dutch location were destroyed.

Papa Corn’s House, 15585 SW 177th Ave., South Miami-Dade — No handwash sink in the front service area. The handwashing sink in the processing area was filled with cooking equipment. No paper towels at the handwashing sink next to the portable restroom. But a dead roach on a food prep table.

The reach-in cold display unit was broken. And the owner of Papa Corn’s didn’t have information on who made tamales, peanut butter bars, pork sandwiches, honey, hatching eggs. Stop Sales and trash for the whole lot.

“Food establishment has a portable restroom in lieu of a fixed restroom inside building.”

And ... “Heavy accumulation of rat droppings found within unused ice machine storage closet.”

Pro Team Nutrition, 16339 SW 88th St., South Miami-Dade — The chow place inside an LA Fitness has made the list.

“Cooked meals prepared at owner’s home found for retail sale.” In the processing area, “black and orange mold-like grime encrusted on interior ice-making portion and housing of ice machine.”

Why was the hot and cold water turned off at the handwashing sink next to the warewashing sink? And who knows when the turkey breast and honey ham were opened? Nobody. That’s why they became garbage.

Sedano’s, 3801 W. Flagler St., Miami — In the meat area, “old yellow food residue in between the blades of the meat tenderizer and encrusted blood stain inside the food canal of the table top grinder.”

In the Food service and seafood area, “black, mold-lke stains around interior rim to ice chute of both ice makers.” They tossed out the ice.

6 to 12 Supermarket, 324 SW 12th Ave, Miami — “Paint brush used to gather coffee at coffee maker.” “Stagnant water on floor by employee toilet room.” “Old dry product residue on tenderizer slicer, band saw machines.”

Stop & Go Market, 12882 SW 87th Ave., South Miami-Dade — We’ve never seen a three-compartment sink, where cookware is washed and santized, get hit with a Stop Use, but this one did because it was “excessively dirty with a heavy accumulation of sand, dust, mold, old dirt and trash.” Which is why the slicer, sandwich press, hot case and hot dog machine were “in unsanitary condition, not properly cleaned and sanitized.”

The backroom walk-in coolers were dirty with a buildup of mold and old dry spillage.

Stop & Shop, 37071 Main St., Canal Point — This place failed inspection on Feb. 11, too. “Rodent droppings observed on floor in-between ice display freezer and wall” and “behind bags of single use cups inside cabinet, underneath “Frazil” Slurpee machine.” Inspector Christian Acosta dropped a Stop Use order on the Slurpee machine.

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