• People's love for cats is unrequited, study indicates

    The agony of unrequited love. It may be what keeps us devoted to the felines in our lives.

  • Pet Vet: Poor pet banished outside for stinky problem

    Alex is a 6-year-old larger mixed breed dog that lives with a family of five people. He is well taken care of, spending time both inside and outside the house where he has free roam of a large back yard.

  • Pet Vet: Exercise beneficial for pet diagnosed with arthritis

    Ken has a 7-year-old golden retriever named Pal that has been diagnosed with arthritis in his elbows. Pal is very stiff in the front legs in the morning when first arising and is reluctant to jump in and out of his spot in Ken's truck.

  • Palmetto Bay

    Palmetto Bay may change barking-dog law

    Current rules say a police officer must witness violations, although the police chief said a videotape also would work.

  • South Miami-Dade

    Humane Society could lose contract to run spay-neuter clinic

    The county is considering at least one other provider to operate the South Dade clinic in Cutler Bay.

  • Pets

    Extraction the only solution to kitty’s cavities

    Q: Our veterinarian told us our cat has cavities on three of her teeth, and that they must be pulled. This makes no sense: Clarabelle eats only cat food, not sweets, and does not seem to be in any pain. Please advise.

  • Pets

    Chihuahua’s tooth cleaning requires anesthesia, and owner is worried

    Q: Our Chihuahua needs to have her teeth cleaned annually, and our vet says she has so much tartar and so often needs a tooth pulled that she requires anesthesia. The older Daisy gets, the more we worry about this. Is there anything we can do to make things safer for her?

  • Pets

    Caution: Kill the pests, not the pets

    Q: Our dog ate rat poison the neighbor had used near the fence-line between our properties. She was unaware how toxic some of these poisons can be (and how far our dog’s snout could reach through the chain-link fence). Tippy survived, but only after intensive care for kidney failure. Could you let readers know how deadly these poisons are?

  • Pets

    Meds for humans can be deadly for your pets

    Q: When my dog Missy had a fever I gave her ibuprofen thinking it would help her feel better. Instead, she ended up in the ER with vomiting and blood in her stool. She’s OK now, but could you please let others know about this hazard?

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