Backslash Fit’s ‘smart’ yoga mat is made for you convenience

Yoga continues to grow in popularity as more people discover the benefits of the greater flexibility and strength it can provide. What's not quite as popular is carrying a yoga mat from class to class, as they tend to unroll at the most inopportune times. Backslash Fit has come up with a solution by creating a "smart" yoga mat. No, it's not connected to the internet. But it does automatically roll itself up after you're finished and stay its compact position until you're ready to use it again.


CNET: Best AV receivers under $500

The reports of the death of AV receivers are greatly exaggerated. Over the past year, the standard has been impeccably high. Of the four models CNET has reviewed, only one received any less than 4 stars. Here they are.


Osprey backpack provides all bells and whistles without breaking bank

When you're out on the trail for days at a time, you don't want to skimp on a good backpack. But you also want to have some money left over to fill it with gear for your trip. The new Rook/Renn backpacks from Osprey hit that sweet spot of providing a very comfortable ride with all the bells and whistles you need without breaking the bank. The Rook (men) and Renn (women) packs come with a mesh back panel that offers incredible ventilation on the trail – the pack stays inches off your back thanks to the AirSpeed Suspension harness. The easily adjustable harness provides four inches of vertical movement to ensure that you get just the right fit. Plus the frame will transfer the load of the pack to the hip belt, which is where the bulk of the weight should be carried, instead of the shoulders.


Spencer McKee: Should resorts allow alcohol sales on the slopes?

From the early-morning Bloody Mary to the common spring skiing tailgate, there's a drinking culture at many ski resorts that's impossible to ignore. After all, there can be few things more rejuvenating in the middle of a leg-crushing powder day than a brewski at lunch. That being said, the presence of alcohol on the ski slopes can pose several obvious problems.


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Running with Trash

Andrew Otazo has hauled 6,500 pounds of trash from Bear Cut Preserve mangroves and will walk the Miami Marathon with 30 pounds of trash on his back in an effort to raise awareness for marine pollution.