Nanospikes use crampon-like teeth to help you gain traction in the ice and snow

If you've heard of crampons you know that they're metal spikes worn on the feet for ice climbing and mountaineering. They're rigid, enabling climbers to support their body weight against frozen water and keep them from falling down while walking through the snow and ice. They're not designed for speed. The Nanospikes from Kahtooola serve a much different purpose, as they're designed to provide friction for runners and hikers who want to keep from slipping yet maintain their natural gate. You'll find 10 tungsten carbide teeth per crampon that are embedded in a plastic cleat that fits under your shoe or boot.


Spencer McKee: Six ways you can help preserve trails

As more people continue to discover how amazing Colorado is, more people are hitting the trails than ever before. We think it's great that people are discovering a passion for the outdoors. As this group of enthusiasts continues to grow, the outdoor recreation community will have a louder voice, able to help drive legislation and funding that might preserve the great outdoors. However, with this rapid growth comes the necessity for people to learn how to interact with nature in a manner that is the least invasive way possible. By doing this, we can help to ensure that Colorado's natural treasures are still around for future generations to enjoy. Here are 6 tips that will help you preserve the outdoors.


Asics’ Thermopolis shirt makes it warmer to run outside

Having quality running gear for your cold-weather runs makes it just a little bit easier to head outside when it would be easy to stay inside. The Asics Thermopolis Long Sleeve Shirt is one of those pieces that makes you happy just putting it on. Unlike a lot of technical tops, it has a bit of heft to it, giving you some insulation at the base-layer level. You may be surprised how often you can get away with running without a jacket before the temperature really drops.


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A triathlon is a great escape to Miami

Over 1,750 athletes, representing 26 countries, came to Miami for the Mack Cycle Escape to Miami Triathlon on Sunday, Sept. 30, 2018.