Osprey offers daypack crucial to your outdoor experience

Serious backpackers get awfully serious about their backpacks. For those on a multiday trip, a backpack not only carries everything you need, but its fit can be the difference between a wonderful outdoor experience and a miserable backache. For a quick day trip, it's not so critical. So just grab whatever you have handy for a couple of hours on the trail, right? Think again. While you may not be carrying a lot of weight in your daypack, comfort is still a key concern. The Osprey Hikelite 18 features the design of a technical backpack but in a smaller size – all for a very reasonable price.


A birder's view of the sage grouse's mating ritual

The birders turned off the headlights before easing their vehicles along the dirt road. When they reached their destination, they angled the cars just so and killed the engines. At 5:30 a.m., the birders were intent on observing – without being observed – a greater sage grouse mating area, called a lek, which was about 100 yards away.


How a program for special needs athletes helps them find more than fitness

When you're born under the special needs umbrella; when you get frustrated because no one can understand what you're trying to say; when you are angry or depressed or antsy and don't quite know what to do with those feelings, you might respond in any number of ways. Maybe you lash out. Or withdraw. Or just stay in bed until your mom practically has to pull you out.


Don't know where to put your smartphone during a run? Try Nathan Sports' armband

It's no surprise that more and more people are exercising with their smartphone in tow. Whether you like to listen to music, podcasts or simply stay connected, having a phone handy while running, biking, hiking, or working out in a gym is a fact of life for many people. The problem arises in just how to transport the phone without impacting your movement. That's why the interest in smart watches has risen, as many of the functions of your phone can be replaced with a smaller device strapped to your wrist. Not bad, but now have to shell out another couple of hundred dollars (plus you've got another gadget to learn).


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Proposal at the finish line of Miami Marathon

Stefano De Leo, 37, from Manhattan, New York, proposes to his girlfriend Sofia Hedstrom, 39, at the finish line of the Fitbit Miami Marathon and Half Marathon on Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018.
Jordan McPherson jmcpherson@miamiherald.com