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Will the Dolphins’ Cameron Wake play another NFL season? He shares his thought process

Frank Gore made up his mind and plans to return for a 15th NFL season.

One of his teammates is in a similar spot.

Dolphins defensive end Cameron Wake will also have a career decision to make once the 2018 season comes to an end and he becomes an unrestricted free agent.

At age 36 and after 10 years in the league — all with the Dolphins — does he have the desire to continue playing?

“You think about it all the time. It’s ultimately part of the game,” Wake said. “Whether it be physical or mental, it’s a tough gig. At the end of the day, some days I feel good, still feel like I can help. Will that be the case in April? I’d like to think so.”

Wake said he will wait until the offseason to decide his NFL future. He still has two games to worry about this season.

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His decision comes down to three questions.

No. 1: Is a team interested in him?

No. 2: If he is on a team, can he make an impact?

No. 3: Is he still enjoying playing?

If he can answer yes to all three, then there will be a Year 11 in the NFL.

“We’ve seen examples of each of those not be in a player’s favor and it doesn’t work,” Wake said. “There are players who want to play and probably can, but can’t on a roster. There are guys who want to do it, but physically they’re not enjoying it. There are guys who want to do it, but time has passed. There’s only so much tread on the tires.”

Wake believes he still has tread on the tires. Even after 144 career games and 96.5 sacks, which is second in Dolphins’ history only to Jason Taylor’s 131.

There’s still the possibility that Wake could have to play for another team if he wants to continue his NFL career. Would he consider that?

“Another jersey?” Wake said. “Ideally, no. But I mean, again, if option No. 1 is not in my favor and they don’t want me but I can still play and I can still provide and still enjoy it whatever needs to happen. If it makes sense then I’ll do it. If it doesn’t then I won’t.”

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