Pro Wrestling is ‘Second Nature’ to WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair

“Second Nature” (St. Martin’s Press) is the new autobiography of two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair and WWE Superstar Charlotte. The book tells their story -- the legacy of The Nature Boy and the rise of Charlotte.
“Second Nature” (St. Martin’s Press) is the new autobiography of two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair and WWE Superstar Charlotte. The book tells their story -- the legacy of The Nature Boy and the rise of Charlotte. Photo Courtesy WWE

There’s nothing better than getting a 2 for 1 deal, and with WWE Publishing’s latest offering “Second Nature,” you get just that.

The autobiography chronicles (first-hand) the legacy of one of the best all-time Ric Flair as well as the rise of one of the best our-time, his daughter, Charlotte.

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Charlotte, 31, a standout pro wrestler and amazing athlete, continues to grow her impressive list of accomplishments as she is on a tour, a book tour, signing “Second Nature.” The book will inspire and help others.

Charlotte was a good student at Providence Day School and Provident High School in Charlotte, N.C., but academics were not her forte. She enjoyed Social Studies, learning about people, society and the world (which she now travels), but sports are where she excelled.

In the summer in Miami, her father said during an interview at Wrestling Night at Marlins Park that she can do anything athletically, and she basically did.

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An outstanding athlete, Charlotte starred in sports at Providence High School and on the club/travel circuit. She played volleyball at NCAA Division I Appalachian State University in Boone, N.C. and later transferred to North Carolina State, where she graduated with a degree in Public Relations. She became and did very well as a personal trainer, before embarking on a pro wrestling/sports entertainment career.

She is very competitive. A tremendous athlete, she can do anything the guys can do. I recall Triple H discussing Charlotte during an interview when she was training at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, and he noted she outdid most of the guys.

In “Second Nature,” Charlotte chronicles the highs and lows of her life, so far. From her younger happy days of eating grandmommy’s “pana cakes” and her bond with her brother, “Reider,” to revealing an abusive relationship with her husband, opening up about it which she hopes will help others.

Another tough time. Charlotte, always close to her mother and father, was heartbroken when they divorced.

Did you know?

Charlotte and a WWE alum shared the same Pre-K class at St. Stephens United Methodist Church Preschool in Charlotte, N.C. In elementary school, she brought a WWE Hall of Famer (the actual person, not the pillow buddy) to Show-N-Tell.

She loved Back Yard Burgers but sadly noted it closed.

Two of her favorite movies are “Cool Runnings” (about the Jamaican bobsled team) with John Candy and “Ghostbusters” (the original) with the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man.

Charlotte is helping lead the charge of this revolution of the evolution of women’s wrestling. Women main eventing Raw, SmackDown, NXT, pay-per-views. The advent of The Mae Young Classic. The respect afforded them by fans, management and their male counterparts.

Would Charlotte write another book five or 10 years down the road? She said she would but wants to focus more on the positives than the trying times. If she continues to do what she’s doing, she will have more good moments to address. Like a program between the Four Horsewomen of MMA and the Four Horsewomen of WWE and possibly headlining WrestleMania.

Never say never, especially with Charlotte Flair.



WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair is on a book tour -- including Florida stops -- with the release of “Second Nature.”


She will be at Barnes & Noble in Orlando on Wednesday, Sept. 27 and Barnes & Noble in Tampa on Thursday, Sept. 28.

For more info on Charlotte at Barnes & Noble in Orlando, click this link

For more info on Charlotte at Barnes & Noble in Tampa, click this link


A friend of the Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz on ESPN Radio, Ric Flair, The Nature Boy talks about his recent health issue/scare/miracle and his and Charlotte’s autobiography 'Second Nature.'

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The Legacy of Ric Flair and the Rise of Charlotte

By Ric Flair and Charlotte

With Brian Shields

St. Martin’s Press

Now On Sale

320 pages, plus one 8-page color photo insert

$25.99 USD / $36.99 CAN

$12.99 USD – E Book


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