The heavens have a bright new star, and its name is Walter Mercado| Editorial

Astrologer extraordinaire Walter Mercado, a Pisces, died Saturday under the sign of Scorpio.

He would have made something of that, but we sure can’t.

South Florida’s most famous astrologer had millions of Spanish-language followers, not only because he could interpret the intricacies of their astrological signs and, in essence, their lives. but also because it didn’t matter what sign you were born under, Walter, as he was affectionately called, made his followers feel special using a touch of religion and a heavy dose of showmanship.

“There is only one of you! You are a special child of God. You are strong,” he would say to the millions who followed him. And they believed him. He meant them no harm, only wanting to provide them a path to living their best lives. That was his true and special power. ’

In one of his last Miami appearances, at HistoryMiami, throngs of adoring fans were bedazzled when the actor-turned-astrologer was carried in on a litter, just like Cleopatra. But that was just Walter being Walter.

Even if you were not Latin and did not learn about Walter from your abuelita, you might have heard about the Latin astrologer with the glorious capes, the Liberace of astrology.

His annual predictions for each sign were one of el Nuevo Herald’s most popular features, attracting millions of readers in Florida, Puerto Rico and throughout Latin America.

Mercado knew the world was changing. He recently talked about the current Age of Aquarius. “It’s a time for openness for revelations, “ he said in one of his final videos for el Nuevo.

Now, there’s a new star in the heavens, a very bright one.

But for the Earth-bound, who will tell us what those stars have in store for us in 2020?