Florida man in a Speedo really wanted to show cops something. They showed him handcuffs.

Deputies in an east coast Florida county were surprised when they responded to an unrelated call and instead found another man who wanted to get their attention.

He did. He was wearing a blue Speedo and a button down shirt, smoking pot, and was most hospitable. He clearly wanted to show them something.

As if officers already didn’t have an eyeful, what Arthur Carracino shared with them got him arrested.

According to body camera video footage released by the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office, the 65-year-old man invited deputies onto his property. “He was smoking marijuana out of a blue glass bowl and told deputies that he has a marijuana plant on his property,” according to a deputy’s night report on Thursday.

The officer’s report said Carracino invited deputies to the corner of his property in Bunnell that night and showed them a green plant that was about 2 feet tall. The plant tested positive for marijuana.

In the video footage, Carracino shoots the breeze with the officers, as he strolls about in his bathing suit, telling them he’s “a vet.” He seems happy to show the officers his stash.

“You gotta smoke a bowl with me, please” he says at one point in the video. The deputies decline.

When they ask him if he has a marijuana card he says yes.

“I have a card,” Carracino says, quickly appending his answer: “ I’m working on it.”

Deputies went to work, too.

The mellow Carracino was arrested on a marijuana charge early Thursday morning and is being held at Flagler County Jail on a $1,500 bond.

He “was cooperative throughout,” the deputy’s night report said.

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