Stripper accused in the deaths of three teen soccer players gets $300,000 bond

The suspected driver in a predawn crash that killed three soccer players from Little Haiti as they waited for a bus was granted $300,000 bond on Thursday.

That’s $50,000 for each of the three counts of DUI manslaughter and three counts of vehicular homicide-driving in a reckless manner facing Mariam Coulibaly, a 31-year-old stripper. Should she post bond, she’ll be on house arrest.

Normally, the bond hearing would have been within a day or two of arrest, but Coulibaly has been in the hospital since around 5:30 a.m. May 25. On that morning, North Miami police investigators say, she drove over Richecarde Dumay, 17; Lens Desir, 15; and Gedeon Desir, 13, as they walked to Northeast 125th Street and 13th Avenue to be picked up by a bus to join Little Haiti FC teammates at a soccer tournament in Weston.

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Coulibaly has been driving on a suspended license since Jan. 19, 2018, after she ignored a $293 ticket for running a red light camera in Coral Gables. She also owes $490.05 on speeding and expired license tag tickets from a Sept. 9 incident in Broward County. She also got ticketed for knowingly driving on a suspended license in that incident, her second such ticket in just over two months.

Her driving record shows 42 traffic tickets since 2008, the vast majority of which have been dismissed or dropped. Two companies, Avis rental car and Progressive Insurance, gained default judgments against her after she ignored lawsuits.

In a similar situation three years ago, with a defendant with a history of flouting restrictions on her driving, the Broward State Attorney’s Office argued Jessica Crane be held without bond because only that would protect the public from her driving. Crane was accused of plowing into pregnant mother Michelle James and James’ two kids as they walked down a Miramar sidewalk the day before Mother’s Day 2016. James lived, her six-month fetus didn’t.

Crane was denied bond. She stayed in Broward County Jail until she was sentenced to a prison stay scheduled to end in 2046.

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