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2 drivers had lots of violations before heartbreaking crashes

Jessica Crane
Jessica Crane

The only predictor of last weekend’s family-rending car crashes in Miramar and North Miami-Dade: the driving histories of those behind the wheel.

Of Jessica Crane’s 30 driving violations in Miami-Dade County, eight were for speeding, one for reckless driving and one for driving under the influence. Witnesses told Miramar police that Crane sped up University Drive, drove on a sidewalk and crashed into pedestrian Michelle James and James’ two children.

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James remains in critical but stable condition at Hollywood Memorial Regional Hospital. Miramar police checked off the box on the arrest affidavit indicating they believe alcohol was involved.

Crane characterized the victims as “Cubans trying to get free money from me and get a free ride to the hospital,” according to Miramar police.

North Miami-Dade’s Shikenna Hasty’s driving record lists 10 driving convictions since 2004. She was cited four times for driving without a valid license. She had a valid license when, surveillance video appears to show, her 2006 Chevrolet Impala blasted a turning 2007 Toyota Corolla at Northwest 119th Street and 17th Avenue, killing three of the Corolla’s four passengers.

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Only 55-year-old driver Paul Manreza left the Corolla alive. Dead in the car were 47-year-old Ramon Castro; 26-year-old Roger Castro, Ramon’s nephew; and 20-year-old Marcela Villafana, Roger’s live-in girlfriend. All three died within walking distance of their North Miami-Dade homes.

In Miramar, witnesses told police they had to chase down Crane, force her to stop and then prevent her from walking away. That’s all part of the three charges Crane faces for leaving the scene of an accident with injuries, which would be an avoidance of consequences also foretold by past behavior. The state suspended her license 14 times, including from April 2013 to Apritl 2015, for failure to pay fines associated with her driving violations.

For the same reason, Hasty’s license was suspended seven times, including from 2006-12.

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