Coral Gables

A Coral Gables High student made threats posing as a classmate, police say

Coral Gables High School
Coral Gables High School

A Coral Gables Senior High student was arrested Tuesday after police say the student created an email account under another classmate's name to write threats against the school.

Miami-Dade school district spokeswoman Jackie Calzadilla said school police became aware over the weekend of a student who used the fake account to write up threats, took a screen shot of what was written and sent the photo via social media to other students while posing as the classmate.

Calzadilla said the student told authorities it was a prank.

The student, who is a minor, is facing a felony charge of false reporting concerning planting a bomb.

The arrest comes days after a Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High student was arrested for making a hoax threat.

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