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Caregivers stole from senior citizen patients to pay bills and Rent-A-Center, cops say

Two certified nursing assistants accused of using their caregiver position to rip off senior citizen patients have been disciplined by the Florida Department of Health.

That’s in addition to whatever happens with the criminal charges facing Starke resident Shantel Guion, 27, and Fort Pierce resident Tracy Gordon, 38.

Guion is looking at grand theft, uttering forged bills, exploitation of an elderly person and embezzlement. She posted $35,000 bond.

Gordon has two counts of criminal use of personal identification information, two counts of credit card fraud and one count of third degree grand theft. The organized fraud and credit card theft charges were dropped. She posted $21,000 bond.

Guion received an emergency restriction order (ERO) after her arrest, banning her from being a nursing assistant “in any setting where Ms. Guion would have access to a patient’s financial information or meant of payment...”

Shantel Guion.jpg
Shantel Guion Bradford County Sheriff's Office

According to the ERO and the arrest report, Guion was working for Gulf Coast Health Care at the Windsor Health and Rehabilitation Center assisted living facility in July. One of the people under her care was “L.H.,” a 69-year-old woman.

After Guion asked for money from L.H. to pay an electricity bill to keep her lights on, L.H. loaned Guion $170 via check. Guion told L.H. she’d pay her back on month later, Aug. 5.

But in addition to check No. 106 for $170, Guion found L.H.’s checkbook, the ERO and arrest reports said, and helped herself to Nos. 107 and 108. She wrote No. 107 for $170 and No. 108 for $180, then cashed Nos. 106 and 107 on July 26 and No. 108 on July 29 at Capital City Bank.

Capital City Bank told “L.K.,” the daughter of L.H., that the signature on check Nos. 107 and 108 didn’t look like L.H.’s handwriting. L.H. said she give only one check to Guion, not three. Guion denied any shenanigans to the Starke police, but Gulf Coast Health Care dumped her anyway.

Tracy T. Gordon.JPG
Tracy Gordon Indian River County Sheriff's Office

Gordon also got fired, by Palm Garden of Vero Beach, a skilled nursing facility and nursing home. Gordon, who got an emergency suspension order (ESO) on her certificate, care for 91-year-old Palm Garden resident M.S.

M.S. kept a credit card in her purse in a drawer. The ESO said M.S.’ s daughter saw some things on her mother’s September credit card statement inconsistent with her mother’s common usage. For example, a $258.44 charge at a Rent-A-Center in Port St. Lucie and a $194.84 charge at a Rent-A-Center in Stuart. Bank of America slapped back a third suspicious charge, the arrest report said.

M.S. said she hadn’t given anybody permission to use her credit card.

Once Indian River County Sheriff’s Office read Gordon her right to remain silent, the arrest report says, Gordon said she didn’t use M.S.’s credit card. Then, she said she did, but with M.S.’s permission.

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