Miami is one of the most expensive cities for brunch, study says. And that doesn’t include drinks

Eat eggs and drink mimosas and get your life right. Just don’t expect it to be cheap in Miami.
Eat eggs and drink mimosas and get your life right. Just don’t expect it to be cheap in Miami.

We know Miami loves brunch. Who doesn’t want a face full of fancy pancakes, eggs tarted up in every imaginable way and bottomless mimosas?

But while it is super fun to spend your Sunday day drinking and finding reasons to order extra bacon, brunching can be expensive. Credit advisor Sky Blue Credit reports that Miami is one of the top 10 most expensive cities for brunch.

This is not surprising, really. Miami is never one of the cheapest cities for anything. But it could be worse.

The most expensive city for brunch in the U.S. is Seattle. Miami falls at no. 9. In between are San Jose, California; Washington, D.C.; Los Angeles; San Francisco; New York; Chicago; and San Diego. No. 10 is Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The cheapest place to have brunch? Portland, Oregon, followed by Virginia Beach; San Antonio; Hartford, Connecticut; Charlotte; Kansas City; Louisville; Memphis; Houston and Nashville.

To come up with the list, Sky Blue Credit looked at the three-most reviewed brunch spots in 50 big metro areas and checked the menus and prices.

Seattle, the most expensive spot, has an average price of $15.08. Miami’s average is $12.48. Neither price sounds bad to us - we’ve spent more and so have you. But Sky Blue Credit factored its main list of costs minus beverages. And we all know it’s the Bellinis that’ll cost you.

Still, on a separate list calculating mimosas, Miami still came in at no. 9 (with Nashville topping Seattle as the no. 1 most expensive place for mimosas).

We’re not going without our mimosas, though. Maybe through September, check out the Miami Spice brunch menus?

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