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Her insurance didn’t pay when an alligator smashed into her home. But there is help

When an elderly woman’s insurance company wouldn’t help her fix her home that a wild alligator damaged, a police officer in her city decided to come to the rescue.

Clearwater police officer Brad Allen created a GoFundMe earlier this week to raise $1,500 for 77-year-old Mary Wischhusen after an 11-foot gator broke into her home. The effort has so far raised $855 in five days.

Wischhusen had kind words for officer Allen and all those in community donating and aiding her.

“I think this very nice. I’m very proud of him cause he was there on the day of the alligator and got hit by its tail,” Wischhusen said. “It is very wonder. Everybody in the community has come to help.”

In late May during mating season, authorities believe that the alligator saw its reflection in Wischhusen’s window and rushed over to check it out. The gator smashed through the window and ended up in her kitchen.

It thrashed around damaging her walls and smashing bottles.

The insurance company, Florida Peninsula Insurance, told Wischhusen that damages associated with wildlife are not covered by her policy. She also tried going through her condo association, Eagles Landing Condo Association. But it doesn’t cover windows.

Wischhusen told the Miami Herald she doesn’t know how much it will cost to fix the window, but she knows she can’t afford it.

Allen’s GoFundMe page says that the gator broke two windows, kitchen chairs, a baker’s rack with a couple bottles of wine. The reptile also dented her drywall.

He aims to fix them.

“I am hoping to raise enough money to help fix her damages,” he said in the GoFundMe.

Brad Allen was not immediately available for comment.

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