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Why does UM need Malik Rosier as its starting quarterback? Richt offers this evidence

A six-pack of Hurricanes notes on a Tuesday evening:

Would you like a greater understanding of why Mark Richt has gone back to Malik Rosier as his starter against Boston College?

For all of his accuracy issues, Rosier does something that Richt highly values. Here’s how he explained it on WQAM’s Hurricane Hotline this week:

“Malik has things in his data bank, in his memory, that come to light in the game. One time [after relieving N’Kosi Perry against Virginia], he hit the back in the flat and it didn’t look like much. The seam was covered and the back, Travis Homer, got 11, 12, 13 yards.

“We call the same play a little later. The safety did something he hadn’t done all week and Malik saw it and he went to Lawrence Cager on third down [for a first down]. That happened because of reps and reps and reps over the last couple years and a certain coverage that didn’t show up in preparation but all of a sudden came up in the game. His ability to draw from experiences on those couple plays really helped us. Things like that benefit us.”

And Richt made this point, too, about Rosier’s value:

“We do a lot of run checks, certain mike identifications. You can let your center do it but there are certain things a quarterback will see that a center won’t see and he needs to alert everybody and get everyone in the right play or at least identify the right mike linebacker. Sometimes you got to change the mike from this guy to that guy and if you do that, you can block it properly.”

Offensive coordinator Thomas Brown was candid in his weekly media session on Tuesday, calling the Virginia loss “frustrating” and adding this:

“It boiled down to our lack of execution which starts with us first as coaches. We have to do a better job of coaching our guys. Either we’ve done a poor job of coaching guys or we’ve got too much stuff in our offense that they can’t retain, they can’t execute well. Or we’re playing too many guys. We’re sorting some of that stuff out, I know some of the answers to it already. But all around we have to do a better job of preparing these guys, and they have to go out and do what we tell them to do.”

Where is UM thinking of shortening the rotation?

“I think everywhere across the board — up front maybe we’re rotating too many guys at certain times,” Brown said. “Receiver-wise, those guys are very talented. We have to make sure they know what they’re doing in every situation, especially when it comes to run blocking. We had a bunch of missed assignments. When it comes to the perimeter blocking, which had been great, we have some young guys that just don’t get it yet, haven’t understood what it takes to be great here yet. We’ll get it fixed, though.”

Richt admitted on Hurricane Hotline that “we did believe we were going to win” even when trailing against Virginia. “I think we’ll be fine. It hurt. It was painful. It was painful for me personally to just swallow and live it but that’s football and that’s life. Are you going to lay down and die or lay down and quit? No, you’re going to get up and try to improve. There’s still an awful lot to play for.”

Here’s why UM — which usually has a younger roster than it wants because of players turning pro early — is vulnerable against older teams such as Wisconsin and Virginia and possibly Boston College on Friday:

“Guys that have been around the block are more mature physically, have had the cumulative reps in games to understand what it’s all about,” Richt said. “It helps to have a veteran team. Boston College has a veteran team.”

At one point, UM hoped to lure six seniors from St. Thomas Aquinas, much as it snagged seven Miami Northwestern players in a recruiting class a decade ago.

But UM’s Aquinas recruiting haul won’t be quite that big.

UM has oral commitments from three Aquinas seniors: three-star defensive lineman Jason Munoz and four-star linebackers Anthony Solomon and Avery Huff. But defensive lineman Braylen Ingraham announced Tuesday night that he will attend Alabama instead of his other top contenders, UM and Oregon.

Among the three other strong senior Aquinas prospects, four-star cornerback Jaden Davis has said he’s a strong Oklahoma commitment and four-star safety Jordan Battle remains committed to Ohio State.

Four-star running back Daniel Carter previously told me he would have interest in UM, but the Hurricanes haven’t offered him, according to

Quick hits: ESPN assigned its No. 2 college football announcing team, Sean McDonough and Todd Blackledge, to the UM-Boston College game at 7 p.m. Friday …

UM is declining to publicly say that it’s in the clear in the FBI’s investigation, but that’s the belief internally amid Monday’s news that the Canes were removed from indictments leveled by the government in an ongoing trial involving alleged corruption in college basketball.

UM people believe this is behind them but won’t say it on the record at this point, which is mystifying because Hurricanes officials have said it privately, including to small groups …

Gino DiMare’s first series as UM’s baseball coach will be Feb. 16-18 at home against Rutgers. The top-ranked Gators visit Coral Gables the following weekend.

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