Armando Salguero

A message from Armando Salguero

Miami Dolphins columnist Armando Salguero.
Miami Dolphins columnist Armando Salguero. MIAMI HERALD STAFF

Allow me a minute to be transparent. I grew up dirt poor. My parents never owned a house. They never bought a new car. But almost every day my father put change in my pocket so I could buy a newspaper.

My folks wanted me to read a language that was mostly foreign to them. They wanted me to witness writing at heights that might inspire me. They wanted me aware. They wanted me informed.

The sports section taught me to love Miami because reading it made me invested in what became my teams and my town. The sports section taught me lessons about loyalty and passion and, yes, handling disappointment because our teams didn’t always win – except during the Dolphins’ perfect season, of course.

I’m proud to work for the Miami Herald now as part of a sports department that covers the Dolphins, Hurricanes, Heat and Marlins better than anyone else. Our outstanding reporters, photographers and videographers capture every press conference, every game, every important moment. We’re there to represent you. We’re an extension of you.

If you value this good work, subscribe to our sports-only digital plan. At $30 per year, it’s the best value for the most robust sports coverage in South Florida.

We pledge to make it worth your investment of time, emotion and money.


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