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Breakfast with Adam Gase: The highlights

Head Coach Adam Gase sat down with the media at the owners meeting on Tuesday.
Head Coach Adam Gase sat down with the media at the owners meeting on Tuesday.

Miami Dolphins head coach Adam Gase attended the annual media breakfast at the NFL owners meeting Tuesday. It was a 7:15 a.m. kickoff. This is what he said:

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7:13 am: Gase walks in. Here we go. Already he’s ripping me for sitting too close. “Hey, can you get closer?” he says.

7:14: Adam Gase admits losing players such as Ndamukong Suh and other Pro Bowl players is not easy on its face. But ... “Obviously when you have players that have left, the caliber of guys we’ve had, we know we’re not going to replace one guy with one guy.” Says it is a group thing and he wanted to address the locker room.

7:15: Gase says replacing Mike Pouncey is a “tough one.” Says Daniel Kilgore will have different traits. He talks about getting three interior guys to play well together.

7:16: Gase says the plan is to “spread the ball out” when distributing the ball in 2018. Last year, Jarvis Landry got over 100 catches and way more targets than anyone else. That’s not the plan this year.

7:17: Gase compares Danny Amendola to Wes Welker, who he coached in Denver. Says the system works well when it has someone like that. “It’s something we’re excited about,” Gase says of Amendola. “He’s a winner.... I think he’s going to be a great example for the rest of our locker room.”

7:18: Gase talks of being with Frank Gore in San Francisco 10 years ago. Says he hasn’t changed. Talks about how he will help Kenyan Drake. The reps? “We’ll figure it out. We’ll make sure we’ll spread this out well.”

7:19: Gase is saying he and Jarvis Landry ended in a good place. “I thought we did.” Says moving on from the receiver was a business issue.

7:20: Gase is asked about the offensive line. “I’m just glad I don’t have to hear about guard play. We can put that down for a while.” Says it’s important to finding cohesiveness. Talks about how everyone practicing together is very important.

7:21: Gase says Ryan Tannehill is “ready to go.” But “I’ll try to do a good job and not bother him too much and the training staff is going to be involved.” As to Tannehill’s game. “He’s going to play his game,” suggesting he’s not going to change after two ACL injuries.

7:23: Gase says Tannehill will be “ready to go” at the start of OTAs. Those begin in May. I asked if he’d be ready for the start of training camp. From the look he gave me, he thinks that’s not even an issue.

7:24: Gase says “I’d like to get a quarterback as much as anybody else,” when he’s asked if team is definitely drafting one. But ... “We’re not going to pick a quarterback to pick a quarterback. We have to make sure we get the right one for us.”

7:25: Gase is asked who the leaders are? “We’ll find out. We’ve added more guys than we’ve lost. We’re adding good pieces to the puzzle and we’re only going to get better leadership.”

7:37: Adam Gase says adding Robert Quinn and getting William Hayes back “was big for us.” Says Hayes was “very impactful” in the building last year. Says Hayes issue was something he had for a while and doctor said as soon as he had the surgery he was going to feel like a new man. And apparently Hayes has confirmed that.

7:38: Gase says Hayes does a great job setting the edge.

7:39: Tight end talk. Gase says A.J. Derby was player QBs really liked working with. “Anytime you have a guy who’s a former quarterback, he has a better feel,” for what the quarterbacks are looking for. Says he’s eager to see how that grows going forward.

7:40: Adam Gase says “things are heading in the right direction” with Thomas Duarte. Got some first-team practice snaps last year and did well. Of course, didn’t play much.

7:42: Adam Gase says he and Baker Mayfield are “close in personality probably.” He calls Baker’s personality “infectous to other guys ... Whatever it is he wants to win. He always wants to do a little bit more ... I’ve enjoyed the amount of time I’ve spent with him.”

7:45: Gase says if team drafts a quarterback “probably” they’ll carry three. “I like the guys on our roster right now, if we add somebody else it will be for a reason.”

7:46: Gase says letting David Fales move on as free agent “was not an option.”

7:46: On Damien Williams, Gase says when the process began in free agency, the player was looking for more than he ultimately got. When the situation circled back and Williams’ price tag had declined, the Dolphins were already on to Frank Gore.

7:47: Gase on Albert Wilson: “The variety of things he can do, his speed, he’s a guy that can a throw behind the line of scrimmage and turn it into 70 yard touchdown.” Says he can play outside and inside. Sees exteme improvement 2016 to 2017.

7:51: Adam Gase says Albert Wilson “towers over Jakeem [Grant].” Adds he’s “taller than [offensive coordinator] Dowell [Loggains]” Loggains is 5-foot-8. So is Grant. and Wilson is 5-9.

7:54: Adam Gase says “we know what he can do,” with DeVante Parker. The problem is “how we can keep him healthy. We have to do as much as we can when we hit Spring to build.” Gase admits the team needs a little bit of luck in keeping Parker healthy. Oh, boy.

7:55: Adam Gase says the team is in a holding pattern with the future of tight end Anthony Fasano, as I reported Monday. The answer will likely come after the draft.

8 a.m.: Adam Gase says the Dolphins are looking at everything this offseason in a positive light because “we get our quarterback back.” He says the Dolphins are a better team right now.

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