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The Miami Dolphins coach and this quarterback prospect are two peas in a pod

Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield is surrounded by the media following an NCAA college football Pro Day workout in Norman, Okla., on March 14.
Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield is surrounded by the media following an NCAA college football Pro Day workout in Norman, Okla., on March 14. AP

You know that meme of Spider-Man pointing at Spider-Man?

That is what Adam Gase’s pre-draft meetings with Baker Mayfield have been like.

They are kindred spirits.

Brash. Talented. Aggressive.

We have seen the bromance blossom in real time, starting with Mayfield’s social media plea to get him to Miami, through the Pro Bowl and into the Combine, when the Heisman Trophy winner from Oklahoma gushed about the Dolphins’ young coach. Mayfield also has a pre-draft visit to Davie planned.

At the NFL annual meeting Tuesday morning, Gase returned the compliment and acknowledged the obvious: He and Mayfield are a lot alike.

“We’re close in personality, probably,” Gase said. “I enjoy watching him play. I like the way he plays. That whole group of guys, it’s rare that you’re talking about this many guys at the top of a draft. Whoever’s getting who, you’re getting good players across the board. You’re getting guys that are confident, you’re getting guys with a lot of talent.”

The Dolphins would love some of that talent to fall to them at 11. But Mayfield, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold all could be gone by the time the Dolphins pick.

Which is probably why Gase would not commit to taking a quarterback early, even though it’s obvious he badly wants to.

“I’d love to add a quarterback as much as anyone else,” Gase said. “But at the same time, I want it to be the right guy for us.”

Is Mayfield that right guy? He has some red flags, and sometimes loses control of his emotions. He famously grabbed his crotch on the sidelines of the Kansas game, taunting his opponents.

But Gase wants his players to have a personality and an edge. He coaches with the same fire.

“I don’t want to expose myself as far as maybe how some of the things I do aren’t always great,” Gase said. “Sometimes passion, emotion gets the best of you and sometimes you do things that are positive, sometimes you do things that you look back and wish you had done something different. That’s part of this sport. It’s emotion. It’s a violent game and a lot of things happen in a matter of split seconds. Just go with your gut, and if you screw up, you try to fix it down the road.”

Gase added: “I think Baker’s personality is something that’s infectious to other guys. I think there’s a competitiveness that you want to see. You can tell he doesn’t want to lose at anything he’s doing. It doesn’t matter if it’s football, I don’t know what else he could possibly be doing. Whatever it is, he wants to win. As a coach, you always love guys like that. You want to be around them. That gives you a little bit more. You want to make sure you do more for that guy to put him in that situation. When you get that kind of energy from guys, it’s fun to be around. I’ve enjoyed the amount of time we’ve been able to spend with him.”

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