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Bill Belichick: Short on Qs about Flores, long on the greatness of Dolphins’ roster

“You never want that feeling again.” Brian Flores said.

Miami Dolphins coach Brian Flores speaks to the team about the tough loss to the Baltimore Ravens, September 9, 2019.
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Miami Dolphins coach Brian Flores speaks to the team about the tough loss to the Baltimore Ravens, September 9, 2019.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick spoke at great length and with a poet’s flair Tuesday about his fondness for Brian Flores and his appreciation for Flores’ 15 years of service in New England.




Now, on Planet Earth, Belichick was predictably short and guarded with his words during a conference call with Miami reporters and laser-focused on Sunday’s game against the Dolphins and Flores, his ex-pupil turned rival.

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“Brian Flores was with us a long time,” Belichick said. “He played a lot of different roles. He did a great job for us. Whatever we accomplished was a team effort.”

When did he realize Flores had great potential as a coach?

“When we moved him from scouting to coaching a long time ago.”

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Belichick then, without great success, tried to steer the conversation to this weekend’s matchup and valiantly tried to make a team which just lost by seven touchdowns sound like 1985 Bears.

“Miami is young, aggressive and talented,” he said. “I’m sure they’ll have things we haven’t seen. Every team is different. I can see Miami is trying to utilize the skills of their players on both sides of the ball.”

And the coup de grace?

“Certainly the Dolphins have a lot of great players to work with there. They have too many, that they can’t get them all in the game at the same time.”

Breakfast With Bill ... always a blast.

Super Bowl 54 partner Ocean Conservancy on Tuesday announced a series of beach clean-ups in the lead-up to February’s big game.

The nonprofit has set a goal to remove and divert 54 tons of plastic and trash from Florida’s coast and waterways as part of the Miami Super Bowl Host Committee’s Ocean to Everglades (O2E) environmental initiative.

The kickoff event will be on Sept. 21 at Historic Virginia Key Beach Park, with additional cleanups in all three South Florida counties on Oct. 12 (limited to Dolphins season-ticket holders), remote cleanups in the Marquesas Nov. 1-4 and a Super Bowl week event, date to be determined.

For more information, visit the organization’s website.

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