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Cameron Wake won’t say if Adam Gase should return for a fourth year as Dolphins coach

Cameron Wake has spent a decade in the NFL. He knows the meaning of words.

He also knows the meaning of silence.

And when it comes to Adam Gase and whether he deserves another year as Dolphins coach, Wake had nothing to say.

The five-time Pro Bowler was asked four different ways, including point-blank, whether Gase should be back in 2019 after Sunday’s 42-17 loss to the Bills. Each time, he gave essentially the same answer:

Not going there.

Here was the back and forth between Wake and reporters in Miami’s locker room:

What would you say if Stephen Ross asked him if Gase should be back?

“He won’t ask me that. I can assure you.”

What would you say if he did ask you that?

“He’s not going to ask me.”

What if we ask you?

“You’re not going to ask me either.”

Should Adam Gase be back next year?

“Same question you just asked me.”

Does Wake want Gase gone? Based on his answers, we cannot say one way or the other.

But there was a telling moment afterward. A Miami Herald tweeted out a summary of the exchange, saying that Wake dodged questions about Gase’s fitness to lead the team. Bills defensive tackle Jordan Phillips, who was cut by the Dolphins earlier this season after getting into a sideline argument with an assistant coach over playing time, “liked” the tweet.

Why is that important? Phillips presumably still talks with former teammates and might have a sense of the dynamic. (Plus he has no love lost for Gase.)

In fairness, Gase did have defenders in the locker room, most notably receiver Kenny Stills, who said that he definitely wants his coach back for a fourth season.

“I don’t really understand the stuff I read about Coach Gase, the negative things that I read,” Stills said. “I feel like when teams lose, there’s a lot of nitpicking, and he’s the one that takes most of the blame.”

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