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The story behind Albert Wilson’s ‘Night Out’ touchdown celebration

It’s hard to say what was better Sunday:

Albert Wilson’s 29-yard touchdown catch.

Or the team’s choreographed celebration that immediately followed.

Wilson scored with just over four minutes left in the first half of the Dolphins’ 20-12 victory over the Jets. He ran a drag route, caught a good pass from Ryan Tannehill and then turned on the jets. He beat Jets corner Buster Skrine to the edge, turned the corner and won a footrace to the goal line.

Then the fun really started. He celebrated by calling over his offensive teammates, who then together posed for a line of photographers who were set up in the back of the end zone.

After the game, he said the demonstration was his idea, and explained why he orchestrated it.

“I did it back in Kansas City with the guys,” Wilson said. “It was a plan to bring attention to the whole team instead of myself. It was the first one. I know the pictures out there. I’m pretty sure I’m going to get it framed and I’m excited to have that memory with my teammates.”

The celebration even has a name: A Night Out.

The touchdown came an hour after Wilson joined Kenny Stills in protest of racial inequality and police brutality. They both again knelt during the national anthem.

Wilson was a bit taken aback in the postgame locker room when a reporter asked if he was worried that the protest could hurt that Dolphins at the ticket office.

Albert paused for five seconds before responding:

“That’s not my concern. ... I think us winning games is going to bring people out.”

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