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Dolphins book private meeting with arguably the best quarterback in this year’s draft

Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen runs with the ball against Central Michigan during the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl last December.
Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen runs with the ball against Central Michigan during the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl last December. AP

Maybe we should believe the hype.

Maybe the Dolphins truly are mulling using their first-round pick on a quarterback.

Because Chris Grier and Mike Tannenbaum are not the type to waste time, either theirs or anyone else’s — particularly in a week as important as this one.

So with that bit of context, some news:

Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen, whom Mel Kiper has going first in his latest mock draft, will meet with Dolphins brass here Tuesday, when Senior Bowl week truly gets into gear.

Is he in play for Miami at 11? Hard to say. But the Dolphins must be at least open to the idea.

“I'm going to prove I belong,” Allen said in his introductory news conference. “There's a lot of skepticism about the type of player I am, where I come from, the University of Wyoming, obviously. Getting down here, playing with the best of the best, and showing I can make all the throws and understand offenses in the NFL. That's definitely the reason I'm here."

Allen might be this year’s top boom or bust prospect. As one reporter pointed out, he’s been compared to everyone from future Hall of Famer Ben Roethlisberger to total bust Jake Locker.

“It's cool to be compared to people, [but] I'm not a huge comparison guy,” Allen said. “I'd rather be the only Josh Allen.”

So who exactly is Josh Allen?

Dolphins fans probably did not see him much on TV this past year. Allen played for a mediocre team in largely overlooked conference (the Mountain West).

And on paper, there was not a ton to love about his senior season.

As college football analyst Barrett Sallee astutely pointed out on Twitter, Allen ranked eighth in the MWC in completion percentage (56.3), seventh in passer rating (127.8) and sixth in passing yards per game (164.7).

So why is he a likely first-round pick?

He can absolutely grip it and rip it. The ability is rare.

"You have to look beyond the stats,” Kiper, ESPN’s draft celebrity, said last week. “Stats are for losers, in my opinion. The guy won.”

Still, Allen knows that, if he has any hope of going No. 1, he needs to have a great week.

“In some ways, it's going to be from the neck up,” said former Browns general manager Phil Savage, who now runs the Senior Bowl. “The intangibles, the leadership, I think teams really want to get to know him better from a personal standpoint.”

Allen got off to a great start Monday night. He won the news conference by saying all the right things.

▪  On his poor completion percentage: “I'm way more accurate than that shows. That's what I'm cleaning up this offseason, show everybody come practice time that I've been working on that. The key to my accuracy is making sure my feet are set right and trying to have a more polished throwing motion, a more polished stroke, you can say. When my feet are right, my hips are allowed to open a little better, which is kind of where your accuracy comes from. Getting out there in front of all the scouts and GMs in practice, I'm going to show that.”

▪  On the emotions of playing quarterback at the highest level: “I'm the type of guy who wants the pressure. Being the quarterback, you've got to love those situations. You can link it to being down in the fourth quarter late and trying to go win the game. I'm the type of player who wants it on my shoulders. I'm always going to be like that.”

▪  On the impression he wants to leave with teams this week: “I want them to know the type of person I am -- the type of person off the field and on the field. I want them to know that I can understand football terminology. Obviously, coming from Wyoming and not playing against the greatest competition, week in and week out, I don't think that has anything to do with football IQ. I want them to understand that I do have a high football IQ and I love this game. There's one thing about me, I do love the game of football. This is the only thing I ever wanted for my entire life, to be an NFL quarterback.”

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