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Baker Mayfield's draft wish? #GetMeToMiami

Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield drops back to pass during the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day.
Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield drops back to pass during the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day. AP

Baker Mayfield will meet with reporters at the Senior Bowl next week.

The first question we plan to ask him?

Just how badly do you want to be a Dolphin?

Because, based on an Instagram comment heard round the social media world Thursday night, he seems to want it really badly.

Using his verified account, Mayfield sent out a suggestion — heck, let’s call it a command — to Mike Tannenbaum, Chris Grier and Adam Gase on video posted by Dolphins wide receiver Kenny Stills:


Buckle up, Dolphins fans.

Of course, it takes two to tango, and we don’t know if the Dolphins even like the song. Mayfield is an acquired taste — as we documented here — but he is also a baller.

He won the Heisman Trophy and had Oklahoma a stop away from the title game earlier this month.

The Dolphins want to draft a quarterback in April. They’re even open to taking one in the first round, if he is the best player on their board.

Miami Dolphins coach Adam Gase talks about the Fins' bizarre season and Jarvis Landry's ejection after their final game of the season, a loss to the Buffalo Bills.

Miami has many needs. Quarterback does not seem to be one of them, assuming Ryan Tannehill makes a full recovery. But Chris Grier has often said he will not pass on a great player to take a good one.

Mayfield, by any metric, was a great player in 2017.

Ryan Tannehill. Adam Gase. And Baker Mayfield?

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Mayfield tried to tamp down what had become a runaway freight train of media attention late Thursday, tweeting this explanation/damage control:

“Just so everybody knows... I commented about playing for Miami because I was talking to a former Sooner in Kenny Stills. Everybody can relax, I will play anywhere that gives me a chance. I'm not picky, I will go anywhere and strive to uplift a franchise and win ball games.”

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