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In his words: Miami Dolphins running back Mercury Morris

Mercury Morris ran for 3,877 yards in seven seasons with the Miami Dolphins.
Mercury Morris ran for 3,877 yards in seven seasons with the Miami Dolphins. Miami Dolphins

▪ Who: Eugene “Mercury” Morris.

▪ Current age: 70.

▪ Dolphins career: 1969-1975.

▪ NFL career: 1969-1976.

▪ Position: Running back.

▪ How are you today? God has been good to me. But I take care of myself. I’ve been working out for 57 years. I drink this potion, it’s coconut oil, I’ve been using it about five years now. I helps to find a way for your mind what’s lost in there when you can’t find it. At 70, I don’t mind doing that. ... I walk into a room and I have to go, ‘What am I here for now? And then I say, OK, I remember now.’ So I have to go through a process. ... And exercise is one of the most important things you can do.”

▪ How are your teammates? “I look at Jim Kiick and I see he’s doing OK. He’s much better than you’d think you would be in that circumstance. But he does have his bad moments.”

“I feel for Nick because inside of him, there’s a Nick Buoniconti who knows who he is. And he knows he just can’t be that Nick Buoniconti now.”

From left, Jeff Darlington interviews Nick Buoniconti and Mercury Morris during a red carpet event at the Dolphins gala for the 50th Season All Time Team. Herald File Photo

“Tim Foley is in that category, too. I can’t say what extent. And Hubie Ginn, he’s got a caregiver who takes care of him on a daily basis. But once again, it boils back down to, the league’s not going to do anything. Because they don’t give a damn about us. They don’t care about anybody who can’t do something for them. It’s tragic because if the NFL had had the same consideration for the elderly — and it’s the same in the country where senior citizens get thrown to the side. Well right now, for football, you’re starting to see the effects of what happens when the league turns its back on a generation on players.”

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▪ Any regrets? Morris is upset the NFL and the players association did not include those who played before in 1993 in the pension plan and other benefits. “What these individuals did was in order to pay these kids free agency and give them whatever they wanted, the deal was they’d cut off everybody back. You get nothing. But from 1993 on, you’re fine. They’re the greatest benefits on the planet. And I sat there and watch them do this.

“I proved [in his complaint] that what they’ve done to us [players before 1993] and what they’ve done to the players like Nick and Jim, who could have had a better quality of life, they instead opted to have these kids today to be able to walk out on the field and wear $50,000 earrings in each ear – which amounted to the same pay Kiick, Csonka and I had in 1972. And they wear them as earrings.”

“It’s just frustrating they could do much better for players.

The greatest players in Miami Dolphins history gather for a group photo as part of the franchise's 50th anniversary celebration Friday, Dec. 11, 2015 at the Diplomat Resort and Spa in Hollywood, Fla. MIAMI DOLPHINS