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Who is Tyler Herro? Five things to know about the Heat’s first-round pick from Kentucky

The Miami Heat used the No. 13 pick of the 2019 NBA Draft to select Kentucky Wildcats shooting guard Tyler Herro. Here are five things you should know about the first-round pick:

1. He’s a sharpshooter

Don’t be misled by his 35.5 percent mark from three-point range. Herro is one of the most talented shooters — if not the most talented shooter — in the NBA Draft. The most telling stat: 93.5 percent from the free-throw line, an indication of just how pure and repeatable his stroke is. In Southeastern Conference play, Herro set a conference record by shooting 98.2 percent from the free-throw line.

His three-point percentage ticked up throughout the season, too. In SEC play, Herro shot 41.1 percent from long range.

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2. He oozes confidence

Most analysts didn’t expect Herro to be a lottery pick when he arrived in Lexington, Kentucky. Most didn’t even think the 6-foot-6, 192-pound guard would be a one-and-done.

Herro never doubted his potential, though. Coach John Calipari quickly made Herro a focal point of the offense and he was almost always the player going to the free-throw line late in victories to ice the game.

As good a player as he was as a freshman, Herro’s signature moment came because of his mouth. In a February win against the Arkansas Razorbacks, an opponent was talking trash while Herro was at the free-throw line. The always-confident guard had a simple response: “I’m a bucket.”

Herro even sells shirts with his newfound catchphrase on it, plus shirts with his nickname: “Boy Wonder.”

3. His outfit drew mixed reviews

Jay Bilas likened his draft-day outfit to Austin Powers, but the floral-patterned jacket and diamond encrusted watch feels sort of like a perfect fit for Miami, right?

The Rolex which Herro wore at Barclays Center retails for $12,700, the Lexington Herald Leader reported, and an after-market modification added an estimated $50,000 worth of diamonds.

4. Wisconsin hates him — mostly

Herro was one of the most coveted prospects ever to come out of Milwaukee, but most in his hometown aren’t so fond of the Heat’s newest player. Herro spent about a year orally committed to the Wisconsin Badgers before he ultimately signed with the Wildcats because he wanted play for a “blue blood.”

One day after Herro picked Kentucky instead of the in-state school, his family awoke to find their front yard spray painted with the words, “F**K B.B.N.! GO WISCONSIN!,” Bleacher Report reported. Whitnall High School in Greenfield, where Herro played, was bombarded with letters wishing injury upon the one-time local hero. Once when he was pumping gas, Herro encountered a Badgers fan who told him to walk across the street and get hit by a truck.

5. He’s still salty about not making the McDonald’s All-American Game

Kentucky can usually field a roster full of McDonald’s All-Americans. At times last season, the Wildcats best player wasn’t one.

The best insight into Herro’s personality might be the pinned tweet he has atop his Twitter page: “Shoutout to everyone doubting me.”

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